Storage tower for multiple IDE large capacity hard drives?

I have five internal 200GB+ IDE PATA hard drives that are each housed in their own external caddie and connect to my PC via USB 2.0. I use them to back up my data that's on my PC.

But it's beginning to get a bit ridiculous having all these external enclosures lying around so I'm wondering whether anyone knows of a type of hardware that would house all five hard disks in one large single enclosure? Basically like a PC tower but without all the PCI slots, motherboards or video cards etcc..just some fans (or other cooling device), power supply and a USB connection (or maybe wireless connection for faster data transfer>?). Ideally I would also be able to turn on any of the hard drives at one time instead of all of them having to be on when the power supply is connected. This way I can just connect the tower to my PC and backup my data.

Thanks for any responses.
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  1. This is more of a bump than anything else. I've been looking for a similar product. Stumbled upon this site ... I'll reply once I find out more.
  2. Thanks for your reply Chynkinese, I'm surprised there aren't more people demanding this type of hardware as more and more of us are buying tons of hard disks.

    The link you posted seems exactly what I'm looking for. I'll have a closer look. Please let me know if you find out anything else. Thanks
  3. What about just a NAS?
  4. Hi Jon, well I don't really know too much about NAS but the external storage tower only needs to be connected to one computer really so don't think I actually would need a NAS. But I could just be being ignorant and overlooking quite possibly a good solution.

    However the link that has already been posted does seem exactly what I want. I just need a case to store all my IDE hard drives in them and then connect this tower to my PC. The only problem is with the type of connection to use; my PC is pretty old (only 1GHz) so not sure it would be able to handle much more than USB 2.0? But transferring via the ethernet connection could also be an option??
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