Price drops after xmas?

I was just wondering if the prices tend to drop after xmas at all or if they will remain around the same for the next few weeks. I do not plan to build until after i get back from xmas and possibly not until the 1st. I know this might depend upon the componenets used but am a newbie so was just wondering if there is usally a price drop on newegg or other online retailers after the holdiays. Here is the system I am planning on building. Please feel free to make an comments or suggestions for improvement. Budget is suppose to be around 700 but am over by a few dollars. Am planning on doing some mild OCing and am not a big gamer. Anyone use the Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 utility to OC before? I am new to OCing and it seems convient although might not be the best way to get the most performance possibly. Sorry for the random post.

Intel Core 2 Dou e6300
Gigabye GA-965P-S3
Cooler Master Centurion 5
G.Skill 1GB DDR2 667 (will add a second stick in the future)
Seagate Barracuda 320 GB
Evga 7600GS (if I can get the rebate)
FSP Group 450w

with shipping the total cost comes to $733.
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  1. about the price drops check out this thread. link other than that everything looks good to me. if you keep an eye out for good deals you can get a 7600 gt for ~$100 after rebate, or you can get and x800gto ~$85
  2. yeah i just found a deal on for the 7600GT 65 dollars after rebate.
  3. WOWZA. Great deal there.


    As for overclocking the S3, DON'T use the built in overclocking utility. Generally crap and a waste of time. Better to do through BIOS. If you're not going for a high OC, then it should be quite easy. I'm sure you can hit 2.6 ghz with that RAM and stock cooling.
  4. It seems to me, the prices for most (not all) computer items stay pretty consistent. They usually drop with time or competition. So, if you're building after Christmas, I'd wait for the parts, unless, you see a super deal...

  5. the utility is easytune 5, dont use it
  6. Last year about this time, I was waiting until after XMas in hopes prices would drop - no such luck. It seems any price drops will be a result of newer technology replacing the older, market fluctuations as manufacturers change processes, or plain old competition. That being said, it's up to anyones crystal ball to see what prices will do in January or February as Vista hits the streets. Prices could go down to entice people to upgrade memory and video or they could go up due to demand. Like Crapola said, if you see a deal - grab it. Then you can either brag about what a great deal you got or whine about how prices plumeted after you bought - just like the rest of us :lol:
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