Can somebody help with connecting a Labtop to DSL

i been running this pc on the DSL line for about 5 months. but then im trying to share this line with somebody else and it dont complitely work. i installed the SBC DSL software to the labtop, and since it got a build in network card i plugged in the ethernet port from the cable modem to the labtop to see if it works. anyway it wont even detect a network card, i tried doing "add hardware" but nothing comes up. then when i install it it tels me to restart a computer and get PCMCIA card for a labtop, but then do i really need a PCMCIA card if it already got a network card BUILD IN?? i never dealt with labtops before, i dont understand this.

p.s. i know i need a router and additional wires and all that to share the DSL line, but im just trying to see if the software works for the labtop
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  1. First off What OS are you running? That will make difference as to where to go to find the correct things.
    Secondly, Go to Control Panel under System and then Device Manager. Under network adapters See if network is listed.
    As for SBC DSL software if you set up laptop corrrectly you will not need it.

    I am confused over Your description of the "add hardware" section of your post. You say that it asks you for a PCMCIA card to be installed??? then U have the wrong driver for your built in network card. What model of laptop is it? Go to Manufacture site and get correct driver for NIC card. that should solve prob.
    Yup you will need router (perhaps wireless router) connected to PC. That way If the built in network card in LAPTOP is bad then if you went wireless U could purchase PCMCIA wireless card for laptop.
  2. my PC is running Win2000 so is the Labtop
    in the labtop there is no network the network connections, just the dial up.

    No it does not ask me for PCMCIA card in "add hardware", i meant when i was in the process of installing SBC DSL software, there was an icon "labtop" for help, i clicked on it and it just gave me tips like "insert your PCMCIA card and put the DSL line in it, then click ok and then go Next. but when i click next it restarts the computer and when it boots up again it goes through the same routine. so that means its probably not detecting no network card so it does the samething over and over again. what i was asking is, if the labtop already got an ethernet card built in its motherboard, would i still need to purchase PCMCIA card for it to work? because i tried to detect new hardware and it doesnt find any network adapters. do you think its fried or something? the labtop is gateway, im probably gonna go to the site and find out the model tommorow. but thanx for help, ill let you know what happens.

    also if i get a wireless network card how would it work if for example the router is on the second floor and the labtop is on the first. wouldnt you need to have some sort of distance range like a remote controll, or can the waves go through walls?
  3. It is important to find Exact model of LAPTOP from Gateway. Then be sure that you get the drivers that pertain to Win2000. Once you get driver for network card U should be alright. If it doesn't detect then see if it is listed in Device manager(Start,Control Panel,System,Hardware tab,Under device manager,device manger tab). It is possible that it is bad but it still should show up under the device manager under (+)network adapter (it'll show up with a yellow circle w/ exclamation point in it indicating that there is a problem w/ this part)If this is the case then Right click this and get to properties. At this point U should be able to scan for changes..this is where U will be able to install the new driver that U have gotten from Gateway and U will probably have to reboot in order to get the network card to work. After reboot go to device manger again to see if the exclamtion pint is gone if it is then the card is properly installed. Let me know if this works.

    As for wireless card and it going through walls it really depends on how far and how thick walls are. mant factors involved. If it is a prob then U could get higher gain antenna(s) or get a access point that would lengthen the coverage area. If u get a good enough card and a strong antenna U can try to see how far your coverage is by walking around with LAPtop and using the software that will show signal strength (usually comes w/the card)it's the best way to tell if U can get enough strength to be in certain places in the house, apt or whereever. Yes the signal may be degraded a bit or a lot depending on the amount of interference it has to go thru ie walls, door floors, etc.

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  4. hey man never mind, i got a wireless router with a wireless PCMCIA card. both are Linksys and work pretty good.

    one thing i couldnt understand though is why wont it let me connect to the DSL account through my Connection Manager. at first i thought it didnt work but then today i realized it connects through PPPoE using my username and password.

    there is an icon on the toolbar(buttom right near the clock) of computer with a red x and i cant get rid of it, its named "Efficient Networks Enternet P.P.P.o.E Adapter " that is not being used when i surf the net. is it the PCMCIA card on the labtop or is it just something that isnt going to be used? because i tried disabling it and it wont let me says something like "it is not possible to disconnect at this time. this connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support Plug-and-Play, or it may have been initiated by another user or the system account.
  5. Great!! I am glad that wireless works for U. As for the icon it's the efficient network's EnterNet software. It loads @ startup. U really souldn't need it to connect cos U should have a dynamic Ip address from Ur provider. SO uninstall the EnterNet software and the icon should go away. It does nothing.. it is simply a dialer for Ur DSL which is connected all the time. Simply set browser to automatically detect settings under the Tools, Options, Connections, Lan Settings of Internet Explorer. All should be well again.
    BTW The word is LAP-top not LAB-top..laptop like it sits in ur lap. No big. Started to hurt my ears tho!
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