Radeon X850Pro or Radeon X800GTO for AGP?

I decided on my update card this past weekend and picked the X800GTO. But looking today at the order status the X850PRO has shown up as a possibilty. Both the same 256mb GDDR3 but should I return and order the pro. Your help will be needed. Reading specs and reviews it seems the X850Pro might be a little better for a longer time. This is an upgrade to my Nvidia 5200 128mb for a sony p4 3.2ghz with 1.5gb of ram.
Here is the link for both.


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  1. For the same price, the X850pro is the clear winner.
  2. X850Pro is a better card.
  3. X850Pro would be the clear choice, but your link to that product is dead. The x850 is a phantom online right now, further making the AGP upgrade path a real pain in the !@# at the moment.
  4. I just searched it on newegg. Theres no AGP version of the x850pro. Although it is the clear winner in the situation, if you cant find it, then the x800GTO is the ideal pick. Also consider looking at your powersupply for wattage, amps, rails, etc.
  5. Well since the pro is gone, the gto will do for me (hopefully). Thanks for the replies.
  6. X850Pro. Some cards can unlock the pipes from 12 to 16, which makes it an X850XT, and can then be OC'd to X850PE levels.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy! :D
  7. Quote:
    Well since the pro is gone, the gto will do for me (hopefully). Thanks for the replies.

    Well, considering what you're upgrading from, it's a huge upgrade. You should still be happy. Enjoy.
  8. Make sure your x850pro is a 'vivo' and had the yellow audio connector on the back edge of the card by the power connector.
  9. What about the upcoming X1950 Pro? Zipzoomfly has it listed (not in stock) for $240, but I bet the price will drop once there's some competition.
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