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Ok I have already ordered my E6300. So my question is I just got this game called Rainbow Six Vegas and I've been playing on my 650Prescott and 7900GT no prob. But this game does not support dual core and the requirements for this game are 3.0ghz. Whats going to happen when I get my
1.86 E6300? I know i can just ignore its requirement check but will it play just as smooth as my 650 Prescott or what?
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  1. it'll play much better, the E6300 is a much faster chip then the 650, even if the clockspeed is lower.
  2. You'll be fine. It might even run better, as a previous poster said.

  3. I was just makin sure because I seen a post on a guy who had a 2.66 dual core which I guess he was talking about the Pentium D 805 and he said it ran kinda crappy but then again not really a gaming cpu.. Thanx Alot guys
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