Want to build a midrange gaming system, question on mem/cpu

In the long run, with lets say a geforce 7900gs for the video card, would it be better to get really good overclocking memory like the crucial balistix and a medium cpu like the e6300, or would I do better to just get cheaper memory, and a better cpu? (say like the 6400)

Hell, with the prices on the memory, would I just do better to get an e6600 and mediocre memory, and not overclock at all?

I mean, not trying to complain, but 1 stick of ram costing more than a fairly decent, fairly overclockable cpu, seems odd.

For memory, what would pair well with a:
Video: geforce 7900gs
PSU: 550w powersupply (one of the fotron source ones)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Conroe 1.86GHz
MOBO: MSI P965 Platinum

I don't know why, but I just have an aversion to buying memory that costs more than my CPU.
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  1. how much are you looking to spend on the ram?
  2. Hmm... well I'd like to not spend more than say... 3/2 the cost of the CPU on 2 gigs of RAM. I can live with spending $250 on ram if I'm going to buy a $220 CPU, but with buying a $180 CPU, I can't really see spending more than $200-220.

    If all I want to do, is say, overclock it with stock cpu fan, how much do I actually need super top of the line memory? (then again, I don't want to buy crummy ram that fails to get even windows installed)
  3. Quote:
    If all I want to do, is say, overclock it with stock cpu fan, how much do I actually need super top of the line memory? (then again, I don't want to buy crummy ram that fails to get even windows installed)

    it depends on how high you want to go, a 2gb set of G. Skill ram with loose timimgs is going to be cheaper, but its not going to oc as much as some higher quality super talent or corsair stuff. for about $280 you can get some really good stuff, for $220 you can get some ok ram.
  4. Quote:

    damnit! you beat me to it!
  5. Hmmm... wonder which one would do me better. (about the same price range)

    a e6300 + Crucial 2gb balistix

    or the e6400 + Super Talent 2gb

    I know I won't be purchasing this while that deal is good, but I'm assuming that the general price difference between crucial and corsair will be similar when I do.

    Probably the e6400 + the Corsair. lol

    I need to start thinking more realistically though. I'm on a shoestring budget, lol.

    I'd like to spend less than $800 if at all possible with most of the parts I listed. I could probably get away with a lighter PSU and save some cash there since I won't be doing SLI or crossfire.

    memory: 1-2 gigs of the super talent (edited from corsair)
    cpu: e6400
    video: geforce 7900gs
    mobo: MSI p965 platinum

    That'd probably run oblivion pretty decently, but what kind of PSU would I be looking at for that video card if I only have 1 SATA HDD?

    edit: looked over the corsair stuff, and wasn't really that impressed with the newegg reviews(then again, who is, lol). The super talent seems to be more the way to go.
  6. Quote:
    Hmmm... wonder which one would do me better. (about the same price range)

    a e6300 + Crucial 2gb balistix

    or the e6400 + Corsair xms2

    the sticks that prozac26 posted are cheaper then both of those and will perform better.
  7. Good ram will take you a long ways in OC...

    These are also good:


  8. Yeah I noticed that after I initially posted. For some reason I totally got lost in my tangle of like 10 browser windows being open.
  9. quick question that could save me $130-180. I already have windows xp professional. Do I need xp x64 with the e6300(e6400 etc) to get the most out of games like oblivion, or is that just an unneeded cost?

    If there is a huge benefit, then I'd look into getting x64 version of xp prof, but if its like 1fps at 1600x1200, then I'd like to save the $$$
  10. 32bit windows is fine.
  11. Thanks. Now all I have to do is get some hours in at work. heh
  12. You know, I don't even know if this whole thing would be worth doing. There don't seem to be any good RPG's being developed for the PC that are going to really even matter.

    Seems like alot of the games being developed that look cool are either for PS3, Wii, or Xbox360, so I start asking myself, whats the point in upgrading my PC.

    If there was another captivating RPG like Oblivion being released in the near future, I could see upgrading... but... well all I do with the one game that challenges my PC right now (oblivion) is make 3d models for the game since I've beaten it several times now.

    Anyone know of any new games that would actually make upgrading from a p4 2.6ghz with 1gig of ram, and an AGP Radeon x1600 pro worthwhile?
  13. Theres Crysis, that should be reason enough to upgrade. there would be a huge boost in gaming performance (and just the general responsiveness of your system) too, that means you can turn up the eye candy on all your games, and get better frames.
  14. I can't resist deflating the ballons on expensive memory, and faster dual cores, etc.

    If you want to spend less time waiting on your computer, and you're willing to put a modest amount of extra cash to speed it up, forget the expensive ram (buy the low end and 2Gigs), forget the expensive cpu (6300 is plenty).....

    Instead, put the money where it will pay off.

    2 hard drives, one a raptor, and the second a seagate 7200.10 300Gig.

    Install the OS on the raptor, and then move the page file (aka virtual memory file) onto the new 7200.10, to split the disk access wait time. Raid is fine, but this strategy is better I think because you get 99% of the speed 99% of the time of a raid (for 99% of typical games and use), but for less money, and still have the big gigs for storage for video.
  15. seriously dude? a raptor for this build? the 80gb raptor costs $160, thats way to much, for too little return. and he didnt say that he needs am hdd, no reason to spend more money on something he already has.
  16. Quote:
    Can you afford this:


    If yes, this and E6300 would be great, along with great overclocking headroom.

    If not, something like a E6300 and this RAM. will be nice also.

    Do you know what chip is in this RAM?...
  17. It's a real question, an actual thing to think about in my opinion. If someone wants performance that shows up and matters. What is worth buying? What gives you bang for your buck. If just benchmarking your frame rate, then do the usual thing here on the forumz, but if it's actual performance you want, think about the hard drive. If he needs to save more money, two 7200.10 drives would do almost the same.

    I'm just thinking about actual performance.
  18. With the 3d stuff I do, a super fast HDD would be appreciated too. What money I save on the OS would probably go to replacing my 40 gig slow as molasses ide HD with a faster SATA hdd. I already have a 160gig sata secondary in this system, but I also like fast data transfer rates (god this HDD is slow, and loud. heh)
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