D-Link DI-624M Semi-Shuts Down

Hi guys - I figured it there way where to get some help it would be here!

Issue 1:
When I am using a game browser [All Seeing Eye and Qtracker] and it starts pinging the servers, after 128 servers my router stops all pinging traffic. Plus, if I go to an other PC, Pings will not where there either.

Issue 2:
The other job of the game browser it to pull server information [Server Title, total player, who they are, server settings, etc]. After about 5,000 servers that are queried the router stops allowing information to be pulled. Now currently the Game Browser author believes this issuse has to do with the Router Socket Table [something about 1024 sockets]. He currently is opening up a new socket for each server query and he is going to change his program to reuse sockets.

Now, I am 100% sure its my D-Link [and I tried a Netgear Wireless G with the same issue]. This is because I can hook up my PC directly to my Cable Modem and have zero issues. Also here at work I do not have this issue either [but we have a real firewall - a SonicWall].

So, can anyone explain why the router is having issues with pinging game servers [remember the program pings these server VERY fast and Queries Server information VERY Fast].
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  1. You can probably guess the reason it isn't working :) It is junk, lol. I'm sure the netgear you tried is one of the plastic home grade ones? Those are usually pretty bad as well. If you want your router to be fast and reliable you will (obviously) need to spend a bit more. The buisness line of dlink, linksys, netgear, etc will be a MUCH better choice. I am partial to the buisness line netgears myself (the blue metal ones).
  2. Yes, white plastic one it is.

    What about the D-Link Gamer router? I am thinking of getting the non-wireless one.
  3. Those can be considered more of the buisness line of routers. It is probably just one of their buisness line routers with a prettier config page, lol.
  4. I'm having this trouble too with my 624-M. Too much network traffic over the ethernet line and I have to restart it, despite it saying it still has a connection. Havnt found a fix for it yet though.
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