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I would like to play all games on their highest settings at 1024x768, what would be the best PCI-E videocard to do this. Keep in mind I have no desire to go higher than 1024x768(this is my monitor's max setting and I like it). Will eventually be going to a Sli or Crossfire configuration, but for now just one card. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. SLI or Crossfire are better suited to higher res. and/or eye candy (AA, AF, HDR). How about a price range, or which games you'll be playing?

    Right now I'm tempted to say 7600GT, but that may be a little premature.
  2. The games I play are Oblivion, Neverwinter Nights 2 and the like. I am looking at the $350 and under price range for a single card. In the future I'll add a second card(will be some time). Thanks!
  3. I think I saw X1900 GTs on newegg for $150... other than that the X1950 PROs should be under $220.

    Both are better than the 7900 GS at most things, but especially in Oblivion.

    Of course, if you HAVE to spend all that money you could get an X1950 XT... but for 1024x768 that's a waste.
  4. I have been mulling over the X1950 PROs for a while now and they do tend to do better with Oblivion. I hate these kinds of decisions, lol! Thanks for the help, thx to everyone.
  5. There's a couple open-box X1800XTs on Newegg for $180. Not a bad card either.
  6. Great card, but if it dies after 15 days your out of luck!
  7. Yea, if Oblivion is one of your games I'd select an ATI card, preferably X1900 or newer. Only ATI allows you to do HDR with AA, not including the 8800, which would be overkill for the res you mentioned.

    Of course, if you want to play DX10 games I'd just wait for the 8800 to drop in price or more midrange DX10 cards to be released.
  8. what about the 7950gt?
    i'm trying to find a gpu for playing oblivion and company of heroes at 1024 x and i was wondering if anyone can recommend this card:
    Leadtek GeForce 7950 GT 256MB GDDR3 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail

  9. Depends how much the 7950 GT is going for.

    If it's over $220 it's overpriced. It only performs slightly better than an X1950 PRO, and the X1950 will still beat it in Oblivion.
  10. it's £160, can anyone find an X1950Pro that costs the same or cheaper?
  11. For 1024*768 then the 7600GT should be enugh
    Go SLI?
    Go get yourself a better monitor first
    Sli/CF is for 1600 and higher

    the 1900/1950 pro/xt or 7900/7950/gs/gt is good enugh to play 1280* or higher in most games

    Get yourself a 1950Pro/xt or a 7950GT
    and then instead of a SLI go for a desent 19" tft (for 1280* gaming)
  12. Quote:
    For 1024*768 then the 7600GT should be enugh

    Not so much for Oblivion...
  13. what type of proc. are u using
  14. Will be using E6300 core 2 duo processor, buying what amounts to a barebone system. Using my monitor, dvd-drive, mouse and keyboard from my current system. It's gonna have an Intel D975xbx2 mobo(BadAxe2), 1 gig pc6400 memory, 700watt power supply(Planning ahead), and very probably a x1950 pro pci-e videocard(Time will tell).

    550 Watts would be enough, but if I ever decide to get a Directx 10 card, and want to crossfire(when they eventually come out), will need it.
  15. you can get an x1950 pro for 190 at newegg now I think, which is a pretty good deal. The 7950gt is not worth it. It performs the same as the x1950pro, but costs more
  16. Looks pretty good to me david
  17. hey all just a question, is the x1950 pro better then the x1900xt? cause i was just about to recomend that card. Cause I have one and its nice. I run the source time demo maxed out at 1600x1200 and I average 150 fps. so Its all good here.
  18. The 1900XT has 16 pipes and 48 shaders. (R580) It's everything the X1900XTX is except clockspeed.

    THe 1950Pro has 12 pipes and 36 shaders but it's newer technology. (RV570)

    Bottom Line: the X1900XT is better.
  19. alright cool. yeah I recomend the X1900XT
  20. Quote:
    it's £160, can anyone find an X1950Pro that costs the same or cheaper?

    Easy - 1950Pro - £120 from (a 1950XT is £162 from the same place).
  21. Possibly, though I heard the sapphires have some heat issues. Anyone hear anything similiar?
  22. Quote:
    Possibly, though I heard the sapphires have some heat issues. Anyone hear anything similiar?

    The reviews on newegg seem to indicate this as well in some cases. I'm looking into a new/upgraded GPU (my question is in another thread), and it may just be that an aftermarket cooler would be a good idea. I've had excellent performance from a Zalman vf700-Cu.
  23. Quote:
    Looks pretty good to me david

    Thanks, getting excited, I've just got to remember there will always be something better out there and the second I buy it, it will drop in price. lol
  24. Quote:

    ...the second I buy it, it will drop in price. lol

    Sucks like a Hoover, doesn't it?
  25. I found a new version of the 7950 gt which has only 256mb instead of the usual 512mb, after rebate only $200.00 bucks. Any thoughts on this? Also, I believe I'm going to build my system instead of buying it.

    Here's a link to this card:

    Also here is the link to the case I'm getting-
  26. I think I'm going to go with a 1950xt or Pro over the 7950GT based on Cleeve's recommendations, but I doubt you'll be unhappy with that choice. If Oblivion is a key part of your requirements, ATI cards seem to be a little better overall. Otherwise, it may not matter, and lately I've been happy with my nVidia card(s).
  27. X1800GTO - 120$ is the best.
  28. Quote:
    it's £160, can anyone find an X1950Pro that costs the same or cheaper?

    sapphire version £126:

    Powercolor version £135:

  29. heres the deal, even if ur playing at that res, getting an 8800gts or gtx, means last long and high fps for a long time, wich is gd when theres a shitload happening on screen and the fps drops

    i dont think u should be playing at 1024x768 exclusive, jus go with watever the game sets at default, but its gd futureproofing
  30. While the 8800 gts is tempting, even at the lowest price I've seen it at($400), it's still out of my price range for now.
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