Replacing a Radeon 9800 Pro on ASRock 775Dual-VSTA

I decided to upgrade my system to something that was faster but also didn't sound like a vacuum cleaner. I dropped my Athlon 3200 in a cheap box with cheap power supply for an Antec SOLO, Corsair 520, ASRock Dual-VSTA and a Ninja heat sink on a Core 2 Duo. I couldn't be happier. My only problem now is my Radeon 9800 Pro with stock cooler is just too loud. To be honest, it is fast enough for the light gaming I do and one of the reasons I got the Dual-VSTA was to keep it. But it is just too loud. I thought about getting a different cooler for it......maybe the Ati Silencer or something else that people recommend. Something in the 30 dollar range. Then I got to thinking. Although this card works for me, maybe I should put that money towards a newer, quieter PCIe card. I bet I could get 50 bucks for my old card on ebay which means I'd have like 80 bucks to spend on a new one. I snooped around and found these 2 options....

The GIGABYTE GeForce 7600GT for $134 after Rebate


The XFX GeForce 7600GS for $69

Now I know the GT is more then I want to spend, but everything I read tells me this is a great card for the money. Maybe it would be worth it. Then again, with DX10 boards coming online now, maybe I should get the 7600GS and wait for everyone to dump their current high end cards.

or I could just get a cooler for the Radeon.

One more thing to really mess me up is I was reminded that hybrid boards can be picky about what PCIe boards they will work with. I looked at the ASRock website for supported cards and it doesn't mention either of these two....but I don't know if that means they just never tested them or what.

Thoughts and opinions please.......
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  1. One thing you absolutely need to consider is air flow. Fanless video cards (even the 7600 GT) get hot. Just something to think about.

    Anyways, as far as recommendations go... I wouldn't invest too much money. Budget DX10 cards will be out in a few months and you don't want to be stuck with something you paid too much for. But that's just me...

    But what the heck, get the 7600GT.
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