2mb vs 8mb vs 16mb cache - performance in games and audio

Will WoW perform any different with a bigger cache? How about audio sequencers? Just wondering if i should use my 160gb 2mb cache 7200rpm ata133 drive or upgrade to a sata 250gb 16mb cache 7200rpm drive for my system.
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  1. I was looking for a good site to post here, but at work, I am limited to where I can go.

    Basicly, the more cache your drive has, the beter overall performance you get (when accessing files of size equal or less then the total cache available).

    For WOW, the areas are stored as large files on the computer which means that it will not fit in the cache for quicker access, which will not improve loading times though each area of the game. (though it should when first opening the game).

    As for audio sequencers, it depends on the files you are attempting to load, and how often you do.

    I hope someone will post a good visual benchmark, though you could always research it on this site. THG does good reviews for hard drives, and what performance each drive offers. Good Luck.
  2. ealry versions of the 16mb cache HDD should little to no performance improvement, in the DX10 generation of games and applications is when we should see 16mb being useful. For now 8mb cahce is all you need, if loading speed is an issue then go with a faster spinning drive. With 16mb cache you might see less performance in most situations because the drive has to search through a larger memory base to find what it needs, but at the same time if its large application that is constantly spinning that drive then it can help performance as it can store more local information and save "seek-store-seek" time.... if that makes sense

    something to remember that holds true for everything cache related.

    The size of cache is only good so long as your using the full size of it.
  3. Fast drives are always good with audio work.

    I definitely noticed a difference between 2mb & 8mb cache the first time I got an 8mb drive. The difference between 8mb and 16 wasn't so big, but I think I'd still go for a 16mb over 8mb if the difference is only a couple of £/$.
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