0505 Bios for Striker Extreme is here

0505 Bios for Striker Extreme is here. Just letting everyone know.

Share your success with 0505 bios.
Has anything changed?
Is it overclocking any better? and so on. :D

I got a striker extreme board and am just curious on what others are OC at. I got a e6600.
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  1. Over the night i did some OCing and benchmarks and i got it stable at 3.408ghz which i didnt get with bios 0303 on air.


    Core Speed - 3.408MHz
    vcore in bios - 1.3500v (Cpu-Z always displays 1.213v which is not right)
    Idle 45C, Load 57C (used Core Temp)
    Mem Freqency - 505MHz
    VC - Core 576 Memory 900 (not OCing the cards yet)

    I will post more benchies today.
    C2D E6600
    Zalman Fatality FS-C77
    Striker Extreme
    2Gb Corsair Dominator 1066 - C5
    2 eVGA 8800gtx
    2 Raptor 150 - RAID0
    2 Hitachi 500
    1 Plextor DVD/RW - 16x
    PC Power & Cooling 850W
    TT Kandalf
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