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Hello, I have an Asus 1015pem netbook and the cursor never stays put - it is driving me crazy and I cannot type without the cursor jumping and causing misspellings. I have tried everything to fix it. This is not an old problem, I have had this netbook for almost a year and this problem just began about 10 days ago. There is no way to adjust tap to click options when I go through my control panel to mouse settings. Please help.
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  1. try disabling the trackpad and connecting an external mouse. if the problem stops then it's probably a hardware / driver / windows updated your pc without asking and forgot to clean up after itself issue. if the problem persists it might be a virus (I remember around 1998 I had a pc with a mouse that suddenly went berserk. after a while I found out it was a virus that had infected my pc).

    Hope this helps!
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