Which game ??????????????

Hi I want your opinion for choosing the better game
Halo combat evolved or Warcraft 3
your opinions(replies) will be appreciated
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  1. Assuming you like both genres equally:

    Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo 1) is the clear choice when
    it comes to multiplayer. Though the community has obviously
    dwindled down with the release of other games, it does still
    provide a fairly solid multiplayer experience. I still consider
    it one of the best as far as weapon balance and reaction goes.

    Warcraft 3 (and The Frozen Throne?) offers a pretty fun single player
    experience. Though not quite good enough to be referred to as "great",
    it is definitely fun. I can say that I enjoyed this single player over
    Halo's, and prefer Halo's multiplayer to Warcraft's. Warcraft's multiplayer
    is very repetative, and always involves massing two units and nothing more.
    Very boring

    Finally: I'm a big fan of FPS Game & my advice to you is to Buy Halo: Combat Evolved But At the End you're the one who is going to choice..

    Good luck..
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