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Hi everyone,

Do any of you have experience with the rebates at Newegg? Almost every single computer component I'm going to buy for my new rig has a 25$ or more rebate on it, some even have 50$ or more!

Are there any catches? Do they always come through, or only part of the time? Do you have to be a US resident etc? I've only done one rebate before in the past, a long time ago. I don't remember what it was on, but it came through although it was really slow to do so.

I'm asking because I could save enough money through rebates to meet my $spending goal$. :D
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  1. Rebates are not run by Newegg, but rather the manufacturing companies... And in many cases, they contract out those jobs to someone else... The rebates are ok for the most part, however, getting those checks can take a long time... sometimes up to 6 months.... so, just be aware of them...

    Remember to check the dates.. and send them everything they need to fill the rebate after making copies of them...

  2. Six months is a long time. I don't suppose they pay interest on that? :wink:

    I'm used to making copies of everything. I lived in Eastern Europe for four years and they are not ashamed to prey on the hapless foreigner who moves there unwittingly. There were more photocopy shops than vodka.
  3. I got my mem thru newegg with a $100 rebate. I got an email from crucial saying my rebate was invalid due to it being the wrong product. Well this was the rebate form linked directly from the product discription on newegg. After calling crucial and newegg raising hell I was assured I would get my rebate. And I did...4 months later....

    Also be aware alot of companies try to trick u into thinking its junk mail. The one i got from crucial looked like a postcard, on the back was my rebate. Which I didnt notice till it landed in the trash upside down. Fact is they dont want you to cash them, so remember that. They have many tricks to get you to overlook it.
  4. I have sent in several rebates and i have gotten them all back, that is around 2-4 months later, but i did get them back. I haven't had a bad experience with newegg or rebates off of their site.
  5. My last purchase from daEgg, with rebates:

    OCZ- Got the rebate back
    EVGA- Got the rebate back
    Abit- Never came back
  6. I've used my email receipt from NewEgg as some of the items I've ordered did not come with a receipt only a packing list. I'm currently awaiting 135 bucks back from rebates hoping they don't void it saying not original receipt.
  7. I got a rebate back from Abit. Probably the quickest one to arrive after I built my rig. PQI was quick too.

    I have found it pays off to call the company 5-6 weeks after to check your status, sometimes they "forget" to send you a rebate, good to make sure they know you remember.
  8. Yup. Rebates are from the manufacturers not NewEgg.

    I have had good experiences. Received rebates from OCZ, PQI, Raidmax, and Patriot after buying them from Newegg.
  9. Many thanks for your responses, I will keep your advice in mind when I send away for the rebates. 1. Copies, copies, copies 2. Send original receipts and paperwork 3. Phone the bastards 4. Cause a fuss if dissatisfied. Easy!
  10. I heard on the radio once that only a small minority (was it 10%) of people actually end up with a deposited rebate in their bank account. The companies know this, and count on it, and use it to calculate what to offer and what obsticles and delays to build in. Good luck if you try it.
  11. I do a lot of rebates and 3 months is about average. It's actually kinda cool to get forgotten money in the mail all the time.
  12. Newegg rebates are the most reliable. If the manufacturer screws up , you usually get a credit over the phone to your credit card. look at the comments on newegg rebates at
  13. Rebates are like credit cards... the companies rely on lazy people to make money. They want to move product, not save you money. They want you to think you're paying a lower price but then make it very difficult or bothersome (ie. length of time you have to wait for rebeate).

    -Make sure you read the rebate details thoroughly so you can meet all the requirements

    -Save your packaging and receipts because they often require 1-2 original UPCs, photocopy of the receipt, signature, correct and legible mailing address, etc. They can get you on that last one claiming, we couldn't read the address.. sorry!

    -Send them in as early as possible - the eligibility period often ends within a week; make copies of everything

    -Be prepared to wait; call and bug them
  14. Patriot is one company that has issues sending back stuff and i'm not the only one. As a matter of fact, I'm still waiting on a rebate check they have to allegedly resend. I've been lookin for the 40$ for the whole time.

    EVGA is awesome though, I got the rebate check back within THREE weeks. That's the fastest rebate return ever for me.
  15. Yeah I agree with Crapola on this. I bought an x850xt back in august and am still waithing for my $30 from sapphire. I purchased from newegg, and the reabate is handled buy some other company for sapphire.
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