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I have never overclocked before so this probably should be a simple question to answer. I have an e6400 with a gigabyte DS3 mobo and corsair 800 mhz ram. I tried to overclock it to just 333 fsb which from what I hear is a very achievable fsb on my cpu. But for some reason after 1-5 cycles of turning on and shutting off my comp, when I start it my comp doesn't go through the usual setup and I get a black screen. I hit the restart button or turn it on then off and when I do this overclocking is disabled. I tried using prime95 and it was average 58 degrees (I know it is high but I'm working on it) and stable. So what is going on? Should I try and oc through Easytune? At first I tried but it raised my voltage way too much. Also is there any way to keep my ram at 800 mhz when my cpu is overclocked? Or do I have to take baby steps when overlclocking my cpu and raised the fsb a few mhz every day or so?
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  1. did you set the pcie and pci bus speeds manually? Also, how long did you leave prime95 on for? You would need to leave it on for several hours before you know if your systems stable or not.
  2. I only touched the core fsb and I ran a 2 hour prime95 test. I read somewhere that that is the right length of time to run it.
  3. I did that and it didn't help but what I did notice after a while was that my bios was somehow in charge of my vcore. I took it off auto and now I managed to overclock my cpu all the way to 3.040 ghz. the Only problem is that my processor is at about 56 degrees now overclocked and I know that is still a little high. If I take my hard drive from in front of my intake fan to below my floppy drive will I get better temps?
  4. 56C is not too bad a temperature considering how far you've OC'd. Sounds like success to me!!

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