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hi .. you look like an old school veteran in tom's hardware and because of that i send you this massage
asking for the website masters to do an article about "the best gaming graphics card ever made" and ..
"the best gaming processors ever made" and you can use the "FPD" frame per dollar <----
and i am also suggesting to replace the games of the benchmarks tests .. like replacing dirt 2 to dirt 3 and replacing MW2 to black ops and crysis to crysis 2 Dx11 to keep the website modern .. am just saying
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  1. Well, in some honesty i found to be subjective and speculative, lucky to say i partial had a ride on this myself, but this of and from my part.

    You are asking that to say that this is best for this and so and so further and the better of all almost to say despite anything else. Which isnt out there but of suggestion within realm of reasoning isnt probably better suggestion. But a good one. Having better and good not be relevent to each other. To say.

    Cause the games in question may run better whats in "test" then what isnt but with what also isnt. If DX10 isnt being ran on something cause its a DX11 card, then something DX11 is probably going to run better. But might not be as good as something older.

    But i agree to say with what you are thinking, that if something is something different for more or better or less, for be all for the fact of it. But here i think is the draw of it all.

    Cause newhardware is expensive and older hardware has been paid for. So of it is the place of differences, but you incline still of the idea for the money, yes? And with it, if its newer money then it should use new money, especially on the idea of whats the best, yes?

    But to say the suggestion isnt in practice, idk. Have to wait and see if anyone of more relevence has a better place of take for the enquire.

    Otherwise im just a "support-non-support" kinda person within comment of posting within the forum. Cant say i will always help cant say i wont. But hopfully something more helpful then some responses they seem to come and go.

    Cause of nothing, if the post is nothing, then a post not made is the nothing almost. Right?
  2. k-zon i tried to understand what you post ..unfortunately i couldn't because English is not my main language :(
  3. Well, alot is best on waiting of response before further "enquire/inquire, maybe even any for spelling".

    But of it though is still point taken from time to time, so anything further should be within the same kinda of realm of response at least either way. Get cut-off honestly sometimes, but still. Rather of my own part and the like, idk though.
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