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I've been troubled by this problem for a long, long time.
I'm a big fan of FPS games, and in the past I've been using normal mice. Half a year ago I bought a logitech mouse that's got 800dpi, but soon stopped using it because of the pausing and shaking in the games.
I've tried other optical mouses in net cafes, but never used one that's good enough to respond to my fast movements, the screen just gets stuck when I move my mouse fast. Are there any optical mices that are good enough to trace all my movements without getting stuck? I've heard that the MS explorer3.0 is good, but I've never tried it. Is it any better than the Logitech mouse I had(it also got the getting-stuck problem when I move I move it too fast, but most of the times it's ok)? What mouse is good enough?
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  1. How about the Logitech dual laser mouse? I have one (play a lot of FPS, as well as using photoshop+ 3d s max where precision is very important). No issues w/ response time, and it's VERY accurate.

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  2. I want that mouse too :)

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  3. Yah, the logitech dual laser mouse is pretty nice. I played Counter Strike and other FPS a lot with no problems.

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  4. I think IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 is great.
  5. The Logitech dual optical is the best tracking mouse on the market at the moment. Really nice. The MS Intellimouse Explorer v3 is the most comfortable though, and tracks well enough for me (I own two). It's up to you.

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  6. The dual optical is mad comfortable!

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  7. Ya I also want the logitech dual optical mouse too...but the thing I'm worried about is it's response speed..the other 800dpi logitech mouse was not fast enough for me(it still stops), so I'm wandering if the dual optical would really work for me, my hands move really fast when playing FPS games like CS and Quake.
  8. It's comfortable, but the v3 is more so.

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  9. I know exactly what u mean, as I too play those games. This thing flies. Response is not an issue.

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  10. Thx for the info.
    One more question before I buy one, is MS explorer3.0 better or the logi dual? I worry about the shape of the logi mouse
  11. Have you actually been reading this thread? That's what my last 5 or so posts have been about.

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  12. I think it is a personal preference. You should try both mouse out in a store before you buy.
  13. What's about the ms mouse's 6000 scans per sec? is it DPI?
  14. Personally, I can't stand the MS mouse. However, my hand just fell in love w/ teh dual optical.

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  15. What is wrong with Microsoft mouse? I think they are great.
  16. It is personal choice and what you like the best.

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  17. I've used 4 MS mice. All of em have pissed me off, and have been ripped apart.

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  18. Just for the record, I despise the first ones (with the white top). Once they changed to the current shape, it's a completely different story.

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  19. I still rip em apart.

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  20. Umm...right, ok. I wonder if there's anything interesting happening in the Other section?

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  21. Hmm, the peanut butter thing :lol:

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  22. I am a FPS player (since DOOM lol), and for many years I used Logitec pilot mouse.
    I switched to optical mouse BUT not a wireles one..
    Llogitech Pilot wheel optical OEM.. Very good response time, smooth...
    The trick is to avoid wireless mouse. Every wireless mouse i tried had a little bit of latency..

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