Utility to record temps for cpu and gpu.

Hello all,

I appologize in advance if I have missed this in other posts, but I'm looking for a utility that will record my cpu, and sli'd gpu temps. The nvidia drivers do keep track of the temps, but I can't tell from the graphs the exact temps after I leave my gaming and come back to the monitor.

I saw CoreTemp, but I don't believe that does gpus, unless I missed something.

I have also tried PC Wizard 2006, but it doesn't seem to record the temps for later viewing..and it also seems to show the exact same stats for both my gpus. Hmmm.

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  1. Here's a pic of the NVmonitor and why I can't really tell what the temps are.

    Spike 1: CS:S stress test 1280x960 4AA 16AF (140 fps)
    Spike 2: CS:S stress test 1600x1200 4AA 16AF (110 fps)

  2. For the CPU you can use Speedfan, your motherboard's utility, motherboard monitor or hardware sensors monitor. For the last 2 you need to make sure your motherboard is compatible.
    The most accurate temperatures are in the Bios for CPU, voltages, fan speeds.
  3. You can use motherboard monitor and have it save the info into a log file. I do this with my server, and it usually keep a lil more than 1 day in the log before it overwrites it.

  4. Howdy,

    Thank you all so much for your time.

    not only did you all help me find these utilities, it helped me define better searches and leads to other simular apps.

    I'm going to try SpeedFan, RivaTuner, and Motherboard Monitor tonight.

    thanks again for taking your time to help me out.

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