Black screen and Opcial drive issues!


About a year ago I bought and built a computer myself.

Motherboard: Rampage II extreme x58

Graphic card: GeForce GTX 295

CPU: I7 296

Ram: 2x OCZ Gold DDR3 1333MHz 6GB KIT, 3xDDR3 2GB

Optical drive: Sony NEC Optiarc DVD±RW burner AD-7240S

OS: Vista / Windows 7

First thing I did was to update BIOS from the CD that followed with the mobo, thereafter I tried to install windows vista, but had issues reading the os dvd. After several reboots and clicking the optical drive in and out, I finally got windows installed, and kind of forgot about the problem as I never use the optical drive anyway.

When I had windows installed I decided to run a few tests on the computer, as memtest which I ran around 4 times, and several stresstests in prime95 to make sure there was no hardware flaws etc. As I kind of expected an error appeared during a stresstest. This fact I stupidly also ignored untill about 2 months ago when I decided to do something about all this. At this point my computer also started going blank screen after reboots. The screen is simply just black, but you can hear it entering windows just fine. I sent my computer in to get it checked as I wasn't sure what hardware had the flaw. They switched my CPU, but had the same error. Then they switched my motherboard and finally no error appeared, and they send my computer back with a new motherboard and CPU tested as well.

Problem is now that I still have the problem with the optical drive even after trying another drive in my computer. I also still have the problem with the black screen, which combined makes it very hard installing a new OS due to computer going black screen after first reboot during the installation.

Summed up!

1. problem:
Black screen after reboots from windows as well as from BIOS. When the computer starts up after a reboot it's just black. There's no splashscreen or BIOS startup. If my computer has been turned off for a few hours the problem might not appear right away tho.

2. problem:
The opcital drive is having problems reading the disks. Mostly when you try to install windows, that when it succeds to read the disk is very very slow.

Things I've done myself to figure this out:

I've tried taking out the ram blocks one at the time to maybe find a defect block.
I've tried switching the monitor plug to the other plugin in the graphic card.
I've tried formating my computer about 20 times.
The BIOS is totally up to date.
Switching the optical drive with another of the same model.

Last info:

Recently I've had this bluescreen error appearing as well.

"Page fault in non paged area”

I dont know if that has anything to do with the black screen or Opcital drive.
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  1. How to fix “Page fault in non paged area” error

    According to Microsoft, this error can be caused by faulty
    hardware, anti-virus software, a corrupted NTFS volume or
    a bad system service.

    How to fix “Page fault in non paged area” error

  2. Ye, I've read that post as well.. The error seems to appear everytime I try to install the GPU drivers. specifically the SLI patch.
  3. I've tried many different drivers tho and the same error seems to appear, which leaves me without drivers and still the blank screen issue.
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