Plz post Default bios screen for P5B delux Wifi MB

I am a beginer for OC.
Currrently all OC fieds in my Bios is set to Auto
I wanted to begin OC and I hv collected Core2 Duo OC guides from this form.
But since I wanted to start my own, I wanted to know what is the default BIOS settings(without OC and not Auto), (Voltage and Mhz of everything).
Please post the bios screens, or the place where I can get these informations

I have E6600 CPU and 667 Mhz Mem
Thanks in advance
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  1. Read this BLOG. It has all the default settings you should start with and some good gouge on where to start OC with a P5B Deluxe (WiFi).

  2. The default BIOS settings on P5B Dlx are the lowest ones. This are the same as Auto on Standard mode.

    EDIT: Except for Vcore, which can vary depending on AI Tunning but stock is 1.25v
  3. Thanks, lowest settings for all worked well.
    But the CPU voltage i am using 1.185v is that correct.?
    Lower setting does not seems to boot the computer.
  4. As long as your rig is stable (tested stability, of course) any voltage youre using is "correct".
  5. im using 1,1V for an E6600
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