Could not load file assembly 'sorttbls.nlp' or one of its dependencies

Earlier today, my mum accidentally upgraded to Internet Explorer 9. After deciding she wanted nothing to do with it, she downloaded Google Chrome. In the process of attempting to import her bookmarks, something went wrong and they all disappeared. To undo this, I System Restored back three days.

Since then, upon start-up the following message pops up: "Could not load file assembly 'sorttbls.nlp' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

A different forum I was on suggested un- and re-installing the .Net Framework, which did not change a thing, and the message is still appearing.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Take a look at the solution in this other post. It is from MSDN support.
  2. I found a solution.
    1.Download a special uninstalling software(I recommend Total Uninstall Pro)
    2.Install and open the software.
    3.Find and uninstall every .NET program you see(they might be not shown in Total Uninstall Pro untill you select "Show system components" at the bottom of the screen to YES) its important to delete the .NET programs from the registry too.So don't use just the build in uninstaller of the programs!!!
    4.Restart your computer
    5.Open Windows Update and download every .NET update you see.
    6.After downloading finish click "Restart now" option of Windows Update window.
    P.S I hope this work for you gyus too.
  3. sorttbls.nlp is related to ATI Catalyst Control Center.
    Try uninstalling your Display adapter driver and software.
    restart the computer and if it turns back normally, please update the display driver and software.

    Do not jump on to uninstalling .NET Framework, you might be in bigger problem than you are right now
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