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sup guys,

one thing i have been looking for lately is a gigabit switch.

for my work office. trying to find some options and opinions.

so far, i already have 3 Dell PowerConnect 5324 for one segment of my network.
But looking for 2 more switches to complete my other segment, that is a lot more important let's say.

So was wondering if those Dell PowerConnect 5324 were reliable enough.

advantage, is they are relatively cheap, around 1200$ canadian.

was looking for a Cisco one, cataclyst 2950... but price is around 5200$.

Was trying to find reviews of the Dlink one, D-Link’s DGS-3224TGR, that is priced @ ~1500$.

So wondering if it is worth spending a LOT more money for a Cisco switch or i could get away with a Dell or Dlink ( or whatever else is better ).

my need : a reliable and good enough 24 ports gigabit Switch. no need of any fancy options. no vlan.
thank you for your help/opinions.
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  1. Cisco is managed using IOS meaning you'll have to know some stuff on Cisco to configure it.

    Your Dell PowerConnects will work fine for what you're doing. I'm currently using Linksys gigabit switches at my company. The last place I worked we were using Cisco Catalyst 6000 series.. expensive, yet very reliable for what we needed.

    Stick with your Dell PowerConnects and you'll be fine. You don't want to mix up too much hardware if possible.
  2. Those Dell PowerConnects are fine switches. Another option if you are unable to get more PowerConnects for any reason are HP ProCurve swiches. My workplace just changed over from Cisco to HP in our last set of infrastructure upgrades and I must say they are much more user friendly :)
    Mainly we weren't using half the features of the Ciscos so HP was a much cheaper solution to do everything we needed.
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