Please help! Need Quiet CPU cooler for Intel Pentium 4 (478)

Need some suggestions on a quiet fan for my Pentium 4 2.8 (478 chipset). The mobo i'm currently using is an ASRock P4i65G. Eventhough I'm planning to get a new set next year, I'd still like to keep this oldie for downloads.

I run BitComet at night and the CPU fan noise is really irritating. VERY LOUD!! I have already changed my other 80mm case fans and all are now running quietly.

Please! Suggestions! (AIRCOOL)
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  1. I just got this one for my socket 478 mobo and it's pretty good. Cooler Master Vortex TX / Socket A/754/939/775/370 / Full Copper / CPU Cooling Fan. It's not silent but it's a lot quieter than most. It also does a really good job of cooling since it's all copper.

    I just looked at Newegg and here's the closest I could find:
    It looks like the newer model. Not a bad price either.

    Best thing to do is go to Newegg or some other site and check the reviews of socket 478 coolers. A lot of review say whether or not the cooler is loud and how well it cools. This way you can compare prices against other coolers that interest you.
  2. I suggest looking at Zalman they are known for silent fans that perform very well Most of their fans have a silent mode option

    Check out the cnps7700 or the cnps7000 (smaller and less expensive verion of 7700)

    I put the cnps7700 copper with arctic silver5 grease and my amd64 3200 dropped from 40'c at idle to now 33'c idle at 1800 rpm
    But i tested it at 1000rpm idle and it's still at a cool 36'c and it's very silent

    Also the design of the fan cools down all your other hardware
    motherboard a8n-sli dropped from 35-36'c idle to 34-35'c
    video card 7900gs dropped from 51'c idle to 47'c !!!
    i can't tell my ram temperatures but it's right beside so i'm sure that its cooler also
    Very good fan highly recommend it
  3. Thank you both for your suggestions. I decided to go with the Zalman CNPS 9500. The 80mm fan is a little high-pitched for my taste though. :(

    ps. When i was at the shop, it was very silent(ambient room noise was louder i suppose), but at night when everything is supposed to be irritates me a little. No problem though. Kinda getting used to it.

    Thanks again.
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