New Gaming Machine - Ideas Appreciated

Well, I've finally decided to make the switch. I'll be building a new gaming machine over the next couple months, and I'm going C2D instead of AMD.

Just wanted some input and suggestions on what I was planning on doing.
Looking to build a better than average gaming system, but not "high end" either. I'll being buying the components over the next couple months, so I am a little more flexable on price. Here is what I was planning on, so feel free to tweak as needed. I haven't ever done any overclocking, but I'm thinking about giving it a try with this build. So keep that in mind also.

CPU - C2D 6400

Mobo - Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3

Memory - Looking for suggestions here. Should I go with 800?? Just in case i decide to try oc'ing?

Video - Open here also. Looking for something around $200. GeForce 7900, x1950x??

Power - 500-550 watt should be good I believe?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Depends on how much OCing you want to do... if you want to OC a little, use a 667 or 800 for more...

    For video, go for a 1950 pro, best at that price...

  2. Sup;

    Lets start with power supply, I recomend the Antec Treupower Trio 550, This will give you plenty of headroom for future upgrades, and its reasonably priced.
    However, I wouldnt recomend this PSU if you plan on running SLI with dual DX10 cards in the future because it just doesnt put out enough Amperge on the +12v Rail, for that you need at the minimum 60 Amps on the +12v rail.
    Speaking of DX10 graphics cards, can you wait long enough for the 8600GT to come out, or even untill you have an extra $200 to get the 8800GTS, or are you in "I gotta have it now" mode?
    It would be in your best intrest to wait considering
    alot of new games comming out are going to be DX10 in 2007, so shackling yourself to a DX9 card for lack of patients isnt a good idea.

    I dunno, think about it, get back to us with other questions you may have.
  3. I can probably wait a couple months on the vid. card. My plan is to get a couple parts here and there over the next couple months. Case and PSU first, memory, and then, when it is closer to time to finish up, grab the card and CPU, since they say CD2's will be coming down in a couple months.

    Vanguard is slated to go live at the end of January, but I doubt that.
    That is the main reason I'm building a new system, as mine is turning the corner to outdated when it comes to the newer games coming out. EQ2 and WOW were running great, but it is time to make that

    Thanks for the info. Every bit helps...
  4. I'm rebuilding for vanguard also. It seems like from the beta its going to need a real strong rig if you want to even think about hi settings. I think its going to be optimized for nvidia, but not sure. They won't have duel core support or dx10 support for atleast a year, so if thats all you are playing 7900gto or something should be a good buy, until the 8800's come down to earth. Friends are running it on a 7900 gtx and runs good. so hope that helps gluk and cya in the timesink.
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