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Ok. I put together a computer about a year ago and its down for the count. won't even post. I'm not uber efficient on this stuff but know enough to put one together (sorta) and get it going. My question is on a semi-upgrade fix from my current config. I'm currently running (now dead) which I think is a dead motherboard. I'm having it checked at a local PC shop here in VA.

Asus k8n-e - motherboard
AMD 2.0 GHz - processor
1.5 GB (3 x 512) Corsair TWINX1024 DDR 400 XMS3200 - memory
Ultga X COnnect 500 Watt ATX - power supply
ATi X850 Pro AGP 8x - vid card
80 Gig Barracuda (sp?) ATA harddrive - not sure RPM? (noob)

I'm thinking of using the same memory and power supply and vid card but going with:

Asus P5PE-VM 865G motherboard and
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz processor

My question is basically will this work and how well? If not does anyone out there recomend another setup? I'm trying to stay under the $300 mark if I can spare it. You know xmas with kiddies and wife is mucho $$$.

Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the NOOOOB-ish approach to the question but ....... can't hide the NOOOOOOOOB (god I hate that word)

:roll: :lol: 8) Smoke if you got it!
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  1. Y'know, if you were looking for something that would just be a temporary fix to your problem until you can get enough dough, you could just get a new, low end AMD proc for like 80 bucks (single core, 939) and a new motherboard for like 60-70 and you'd have a working system for around 150, making it easier to make a more substantial upgrade in the further future.

    But, if you are wanting to do a bit of an upgrade now, that motherboard/processor will do fine. Just remember that it won't be upgradeable as far as the video card goes as well as the ram.

    Thats all I got...
  2. Thanks mang! I guess I could just redo the same setup but was hoping for a bit more for a small $$ increase. I play alot of BF2 and COD2. I know that BF2 SF is a memory hogg and I didn't know if the loss of 512 memory would slow down the game considerably or what. Any input?

    That said would the processor/ motherboard (Intel C2D) make the game experience better? Input?

    I figure when its time I'll $hit-can the whole thing and go 680i but keep the processor( intel C2D) if i get a new one now. Am I making any sense? I guess I'm trying mainly to hold out on the conversion to SLi and all that until first quarter next year. Not really into the Vista experience either just want to eventually buy or build an SLi machine that kicks balls on the game-side. Thanks again for your input.

    :wink: :lol: :D
  3. Yes, the loss of 512MB of memory would definitely outweigh the performance gains of the intel proc. Just replace the motherboard and save your dollars for a few months. At that time, the prices for these parts will be much cheaper, and you would be able to get some decent DDR2 ram and a good motherboard and a good processor.

    Another thought: you may want to buy the new parts piece by piece. This is a course of action that was quite effective for one of my roomates these past few months. Being poor college students, dropping several hundred dollars all at once on a new system is very difficult. Just a thought.

    Just so you know, those games run decently on any modern processor, so the processor is not as important as the amount of ram and a decent video card. Just wait until you have the real dough and make a real kick butt system. You'll be crippling your machine (and your budget) if you go with C2D right now.

    Good 939 motherboards are easy to come by. The 939 Dual-VSTA by ASrock is a really good one for around 70 bucks last time I checked, and it has PCI-E and AGP, so its a really good board. Have one myself (older version), so I can vouch for its stability and feature richness.

    And the same goes for 939 Procs. Ones that are equal to, or even a bit better than your current one are around 50-70 bucks. The Opteron 144 is a killer overclocker, and its only 77 at newegg. Oh well, its all up to you. Anything else I can do for you?
  4. Quote:
    Yes, the loss of 512MB of memory would definitely outweigh the performance gains of the intel proc. Just replace the motherboard and save your dollars for a few months. At that time, the prices for these parts will be much cheaper, and you would be able to get some decent DDR2 ram and a good motherboard and a good processor.

    I don't believe this is absolutely true. For my system, I only have 2x512MB of TWINX1024 DDR400 (low latency) ram and can run BF2142 fine. I borrowed a 1GB stick from a friend and noticed no improvements in performance.

    Actually, I did some benchmarks and noticed the loss of 3-4fps when running 2GB vs 1GB. The loss of dual channel mode and higher latencies seem to make a bigger difference than having the extra ram.

    That being said, if you aren't able to run in dual channel with the new MB then yes the loss of ram may have a higher performance impact.

    BTW, the cheapest upgrade to improve gaming performance would be to get a new MB, reuse all your existing components and overclock your current processor. Which one do you have?
  5. I understand your point, but since the processor that he has is a socket 754, unfortunately there isn't any dual channel available anyway.

    I installed another half gig in my rig once, to test it for a system for my grandmother, and I did notice a performance increase, even when just running the OS. There wasn't any dual channel to begin with (mismatched sticks), and I went from 1 gig to 1.5 gig, and then back when I uninstalled the .5 gig stick. Perhaps you had a different setup than mine, but I did notice a significant difference between 1 gig and 1.5 gigs of ram.

    But that's just my experience...
  6. Thanks a ton guys! I have very limited experience on OCing anything. Guess I'll read up on that. Like you said I may just end up replacing the motherboard if that indeed is the problem. The three sticks of 512 are all of the same make. But since there is only 3 slots on the board does that mean that it doesn't run in dual channel. I had a p4 3.0 and an MSI board that had 4 slots of dual channel. Not sure why but that board died and I sold the processor. I think that my processor is:

    The 3200 2.0 Venice - is this capable of overclocking? I have 5 80 mm fans in the case plus the processor fan for cooling.....not sure if that helps.
    Also. I heard there is some mod for the x850 Pro that will make it an XT??? Is there such a thing? Again I'm a noob and don't want to fry anything but it can't be that difficult to eek out a bit more from my current setup either. Is there?

    Again thanks for all the help and sorry for the long posts :oops:

  7. If your motherboard is the one that you mentioned in your first post, you have the socket 754 version of that processor. Unfortunately, this means that you can't do dual channel anyway, due to the memory controller that is integrated into the processor not having dual channel support. That's just how it is, its a distinction of only the socket 754 processors.

    However, this processor is definitely capable of overclocking, however, if you burn it, it'll become pretty difficult to find replacement parts for it over the next few months. But, if you want to do it, I suggest stepping the clock speed up very slowly, one or two at a time. It will fail to boot once you get to the fastest that piece of silicon can get. One thing to remember: Its not how many fans you have, its how well they are cooling the system. Make sure you have good airflow, not just a lot of airflow

    Personally I wouldn't overclock a videocard like that. I just don't have the dough to replace it if it gets burned. But if you are willing to take the risk, there are many overclocking sites that have gone over how to do it. In fact, there was a thread here recently that was asking for some advice on how to do it, and there were a few links passed on. I don't have it anymore though.
  8. Dude! I totally appreciate all the help you have given this noob! I'll be sticking with the current setup and replacing as little as possible. No OCing for me either. As I don't have the cheese to replace a blasted vid card just yet. I've only recently found this site and i wish i would have known about it a long time ago. I read up on the bios flash but have no idea how to do a boot disk or any kind of flashing what so ever.

    This ATitool.... can you bump up clock speeds with it? is it safe with that card and no other overclocking? where do you get it from? again i probably won't do it but just checking on all the options.

    Again thanks elpresidente!!! you tha mang!

  9. Yeah, don't mention it. It was my pleasure.

    About the ATItool, I haven't used it so I don't know any specifics of it, just that it does enable some minor OCing, but nothing that will do any sort of huge improvements.

    If you wanna read up on overclocking, there is a whole section of this forum dedicated to overclocking. There are a few stickies (the threads listed at the very top) in the CPU and 3D chips sections that give some pretty goo advice on doing it properly and with as little danger to your hardware as possible. Keep in mind though, you are always running the risk of burning your hardware when running it at non-standard speeds for that piece of equipment. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  10. And a Merry Merry to you as well. I'll let you know what the outcome of the computer is. I haven't heard from the PC shop yet so I'm still in the dark. Guess it will be after christmas but thats alright i guess. would really like to deal out the death over the long weekend though. Oh well. Thanks again mang. Merry Christmas

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