Super-pi score compilation attempt

Hey all,

Whenever I consider buying a new CPU, I always want to have a good estimate of it's stock performance and OC'ing potential.
Many benchmarks out there are exhaustive, all-encompassing benchmarks that give you a final score according to their own complex calculation. Personally, I would have wanted to see a direct "apples to apples" CPU performance comparison that leaves other factors like amount of RAM and type of video card out of the picture.

Obviously, fsb speed and other factors are in play when it comes to evaluating performance for a certain CPU model at a certain running frequency. These can never be removed.

Out of all the benchmarks that I've seen, the simplest and easiest to use for "ranking", in my opinion, has been Super Pi. Many will disagree, and other benchmarks indeed have many advantages over this simple app, but it's main pros are that :

1. It's free.
2. It's small.
3. It's easily available.
4. It gives you a score in seconds, based on the amount of time needed to perform the computation. Not some proprietary "benchmark units".
5. It's largely independent of the amount of RAM and power of your GPU.

In view of all this, I propose that those who have it (or are willing to get it), contribute to this thread by posting :

1. Their Super Pi time for the 1M calculation
2. Their CPU model and motherboard.
3. Their FSB and resulting CPU frequency
4. Optional : their cooling

If you would like to participate and want to know more about Super Pi, you can check out it's wiki site :

If this gets going well, I will do a periodic recompilation of all the results obtained so far, ranked from fastest to slowest. I am reserving the next post for this purpose.

Please only give accurate and truthful results, as this is not a competition but a potential tool for people who want a decent evaluation what the relative performance of a certain CPU should feel like, depending on it's speed.

Please remember that this is for the 1M digits calculation, don't give results for other number of digits.

P.S. Note that as far as I'm aware, Super-Pi is a single threaded benchmark. As such, those with dual-core processors will get an estimate of the relative speed with which their CPU processes single-threaded tasks. Please remember that when you look at scores coming from dual-core (or multi-core) CPUs, theoretically these CPUs could have ran two (or more) of the same benchmarks simultaneously in the same amount of time :)


I will start it off :

1. 1M result : 36seconds
2. D805 on an Abit Ni8-SLI (Nforce4)
3. 720FSB (180*4), CPU @ 3.6Ghz
4. Tt Golden Orb 2

This will likely be near the bottom of the list :)
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