Need help in connecting to the internet through another PC

I brought my laptop to work and want to use that because its running XP and my crappy work computer is running Win 2000 and always locks up.
I can't just plug my laptop into the ethernet here because my laptop isn't authorized or something. But is there a way to get internet on my laptop by plugging in through the work computer somehow (either through an ethernet wire, usb, or something else)???

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  1. I would be talking with the network admins. That is a security risk that your trying to do which some companies are pretty strict on.

    If your 2000 computer is locking up then let the computer administrators know so they can fix it.
  2. You need to talk to your system admin for you to be added to the user list and then your system updated with all the network specifications. Either that or talk to your systems admin about any available off network jacks around your office. Many offices have special designated spots for public access or client access.

    As far as your 2k system freezing you should also talk to your network admin for possibly a new image.
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