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Before I begin, here are my relevant computer specs.

E6700 Conroe
2 gig Corsair PC6400c4 ram
2x Radeon 1900xtx
Antec TruePower Trio 650w
Asus P5W DH Deluxe

This is my first machine, and it has been through some rocky times with me. The performance is generally outstanding, but there are a few aspects of it that bother me. For the first build, I noticed that the computer seemed choppy at times, and occasionally it'd crash. The window's error upon restart was that there was an error in the RAM.

Without knowing how to run Memtest, I tried to run dual instances of 'blend' torture tests with Prime95, only to have it error in under 1 minute every time.

When I called Corsair, they offerred to RMA the memory, and I receieved my new memory yesterday. Upon booting up, the computer ran smoothly, and I was able to run dual 'blend' torture tests with prime95 without any issue.

However, to put it to a real test, I left the computer running last night with 2 prime tortures running: One large FFT and one blend taxing the CPU at 100%.

This morning, when I got up and checked out my computer, I found that it had shut down due to an error. Again, it turned out to be the ram.
Now I'm worried that there's either a problem with the motherboard or the powersupply. This seems to be the only problem with the computer, but it really bothers me.

I have no clue how to run Memtest86, and I find that the instructions on the web-page aren't really user friendly. Like I am clueless with the .iso image.

I'm looking both for advice, and instructions on how to run Memtest so I can diagnose this problem.

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  1. Either use the Floppy Bootdisk Creator if you have a floppy drive, or the CD ISO bootdisk and burning software like Nero to burn a bootable CD, and set the CMOS to boot from whatever you created and Memtest Autoruns, at least allow it to run through the initial tests but it will run until you press the Esc key.

    If it produces errors right from the beginning then the RAM could be at fault, or you could have it tweaked too far if you're overclocking the machine and nothing really be wrong with the ram at stock settings, with this being replacement modules, the chance of getting two bad batches of ram from Corsair is remote unless its OEM ram and not retail packaged.

    It could also be a M/B problem but if you're O/Cing the machine I'd set everything to default settings and see if the errors still happen, unfortunately just because one person gets a specific O/C on some hardware doesn't mean the same hardware will perform exactly the same, for you.

    If you're not overclocking at all disregard the O/Cing comments.
  2. You may or may not need to apply the dual core hotfix from Microsoft, have you done that?
  3. I have not done that yet. What is that?

    In regards to O/C, I have tried to O/C in the past, but this error occurs at manufacture settings.

    What exactly is an ISO bootable CD? How do I make one?
  4. Quote:
    I have not done that yet. What is that?

    Read this. But if it doesn't apply to your situation, try Google searching for others with similar problems, I've had some dual core problems myself but I'm running AMD dual core not Intel, so make sure any fixes you come across are Intel oriented.

    What exactly is an ISO bootable CD?

    ISO is an image that can be burned to a blank CD using a burning software program such as Nero, it creates a CD that is bootable in your computer, and as is with the case of memtest it will autorun if the computer CMOS is set to boot from CD as first boot device.

    How do I make one?

    Download the ISO image to My Docs, then use Nero or Roxio or whatever burning program you have to burn the ISO image to a blank CD disk.

    What burning software do you use?
  5. http://www.petri.co.il/how_to_write_iso_files_to_cd.htm

    In case you don't have any software burning program this is free.
  6. Once you have the iso file, burn an "image" onto the cd. Don't make a bootable cd.. and when you turn on the computer, make sure you boot into the cd and it will automatically run...

  7. After you do your Memtesting, let us know what happens. If you already have a thread at the Corsair forum, just ignore me and deal with RAM GUY.
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