abit aw9d max or evga NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI

Im going to be buying a new motherboard after christmas and im torn between these two boards. I currently running a 805d and plan to OC it is much as possible on air, but plan on buying a new cpu in 6 months. Any advice would be helpful.
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  1. all depends

    if your going SLI (Nvida) then get the evga

    now if your going Crossfire get the aw9d

    the reason is on the aw9d if u have 2 videocards in the PCIE slots it gets downed to 8x not 16x like the eva

    if your just going to use 1 videocard i would PERSONALY go with aw9d becuase it is geared for heavy overclocking if thats what your looking for, you get what you paid for basicly, and i havent heard anything about evga motherboards :L

    personaly though cough im an abit fan and im buying an aw9d max when i upgrade in january....just waitin on seeing what the R600 has in store :P
  2. If you like to extreme OC, they got the 680i to crazy levels...

  3. Quote:
    If you like to extreme OC, they got the 680i to crazy levels...


    meh ill stick to my Abit :roll: they oeverclock good enough for me..no reason to go higher then 4.5ghz unless u just want to gloat :P, plus im nervous about Electromigration D: I rember SNDS (Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome)

    2 many people are haveing random problems with data corruption and just random problems, not sure if its the chipset or the board because i remeber hearing the new Nforce chipset has some weird bugs that Nvida is working on, but dont quote me on it :P
  4. im not currently running two graphics card but how much of a performance differrence is there in the x8 and x16
  5. Any news on the new ATI dx10 cards could help this decision. Personlly, i think you should buy both :lol:
  6. None as of right now, the cards don't utilize that much bandwidth... But, it should in the near future....

  7. Cool guys thanks for the advice, I'm going to guy with the abit just because it gives me more possibilites in the future because i can run crossfire or i can run sli with the hacked drivers.

    Any word on if this board will run the quads for sure. I know it say it would but any definent info on that.
  8. The ASUS P5W DH Deluxe runs Crossfire and is Quad Ready! :D
  9. How do you like yours? Is the extra stuff that comes with it any good?
  10. I personally am ready to purchase a system with a core 2 duo processor myself. With the problems with the EVGA board, I'm waiting for more reviews on the Abit and the recently disclosed Gigabyte Nforce 680i boards (though I've seen on EVGA forums that a beta P23 bios may fix many issues):


    So, I would recommend waiting a little longer for more reviews before purchasing a Nforce 680i Motherboard. Also, who knows how the Quad Core market will fair? AMD / Intel, Native QCore / 2 dual cores slapped together?!?

    my 2 cents.
  11. When you say extra stuff, I suppose you're referring to the Wi-Fi and the Remote.

    Well, the wifi is fairly good, yet changing it into an access point doesn't really work well (haven't tried it recently with the newer drivers and software yet). Other than that, it works as advertised and I believe was compatable with all encryptions. It's also 11/54 mbps compatable.

    The ASUS Remote is kinda sweet. If you use the AI Fan Control, you can control how fast your fans move with the remote. Also, you can set it up to where you can turn your computer on when it's completely SHUT DOWN, on Standby, or Hibernated. It's comapatable with the majority of players (ITunes, Windows Media Player, CyberPower DVD, Winamp, etc.) But I quit using it. Since my computer sits at my desk and all. The motherboard, IMO, is really designed for HTPC, the way the board is set up. But don't be fooled. Gaming performance is amazing! (Coming from an AMD Athlon 64 NewCastle S754 w/ nForce 3 250GB chipset, with nVidia 6800 (non GT/Ultra))

    One thing that bothers me though is FPS in some games. Perhaps someone can answer this. If games support widescreen, then the FPS shouldn't fluctuate compared to normal screen, right?

    Other than that, I'd recommend that if you get an Intel Processor, stick with an Intel Chipset!.

    For nVidia, stick with what you do best (well, ATI is my pic, but for this thread... yea)... Graphics Cards! Same goes for ATI as well. Graphics card producers should stick with graphics, rather than waste resources in other fields. Isn't it about time that AMD came out with their OWN chipset for their processors? And I don't mean by turning to ATI and expecting them to do it. I honestly will not be far disappointed if ATI graphics cards start to suck compared to nVidia as, I speak for myself, will put all blame on AMD!

    Ok.... I'm done :D
  12. Smart choice needless_kane. This guy knows how to play his cards. However, make note. If new hardware is out and is getting good reviews, go ahead and purchase it... rather than waiting for the next round of goodies. I almost planned on waiting for Quad Core CPUs to come to mainstream. But had I done that, I probably wouldn't buy it become I would have read somewhere else that Octo Core CPUs will be out in months to follow the Quads.

    Make sense?

    Q2 of '07 seems like a good time to build a new computer. Vista will be out (still would recommend waiting for SP1 to roll out before using). DirectX 10 will start to be useful (er, might give it an extra year).

    Other than that, when will we see DDR3, SATA 3, Gen. 2 PCI Express (32 bus lanes?) come to home users :?: :oops:
  13. yeah those were the things that i was talking about. Yeah amd kind of screwed everything up, for me atleast. I am really happy with my ati card, but it seems that compatibility issues are going to rise in the futre especially if you want to run an intel board and ati graphics
  14. Well, majority of the people out there will tell you that dual card solution is really only necessary if you game at max resolutions. I'm thinking that in the near future, I'll be running 2 ATI cards... one for graphics... and the other for physics... seeing that I only game at 1440x900 (Samsung Sync Master BW940 <~ Phenomenal!!! 4ms GTG)

    H3llA lot better than a stupid phsyX card! At least I can switch b/w physics and graphics. Plus, if I get Quad Core CPUs, I'm sure there will be patches to allow the physics be done on one of the processors themselves!

    Whoops, forgot to add something about the motherboard. Well, for the Abit board, you might not have a problem. But for my P5W board, if I'm doing heavy CPU loads, my sound gets really really choppy. Waiting till after christmas to get a sound card!

    Ah, this brings to mind. With this motherboard, even with two graphics cards in crossfire, you can still add a sound card (between the two graphics cards) and any PCI express card! Not sure if you can do that with the Abit board. I know you can't do it with the nForce 680i boards!
  15. great info man. I have a 19 inch acer widescreen so i dont think i will be running crossfire ar sli, just wanted to keep my options as open as possible. As for the abit board the extra pci slot will be unsuable if both pci express slots are used.
  16. I totally agree with Eurasianman. 2nd qtr 07' is going to be a great time to build. I also agree that if you do wait like me, you'll be tempted by the next round of goodies, as I most likely will be. Hopefully Octo CPU's won't come out though, I cannot push my P4 2.4 anymore :D. I neglected to mention in my prior post that I want to wait for the other boards to come out to see different 680i board costs. Asus 680i boards are $299 + and the EVGA is $250 - both a bit steep if you ask me, but hey, it's cutting edge. Depending on reviews of 680i boards, I'm shooting for a late January / February build. E6600 Core 2 Duo, 2 GB (min) Corsair DDR2.
  17. ROFL! I paid $280 for my motherboard and $370 for my CPU! Of course, this was when demand was high and supply was low. But hey, I had to get the computer done before school and work both started kicking my @$$!

    Oh, I read somewhere that Intel is releasing Octo CPUs in the middle of next year :P

    What are you going to do now?
  18. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't let them release octo, I'll never get off this P4 8O :? !!!

    BTW I'm shooting for a $1500 limit SLI build (buying everything new, RAM, HD's, Monitor, Video Card). That being said, I believe I'll be buying the E6600, unless I can purchase a Quad Core CPU at a price that will keep me at my limit. If you are stating Octo Processors, then chances are, quad core will drop soon.
  19. Quote:
    just a thought, the rd600 is already released, within a week or so it should be in stores, go for that, that beats the striker extreme,

    You aren't going to seee it in any volume until the 2nd half of January, it's not cheap & tbh it doesn't seem to really offer anything major over 965, 975X or 680i.

    and the evga is the second best 680i board (only striker is better)

    & the ECS, BFG & XFX when it tips up are exactly the same board with different badges.
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