Zalman, Scythe, Tuniq - Which??

I have been trying to find an adequate air cooling solution for my soon-to-be-bought E6600 (to be OC'd to ~3.6 GHz). I have been unable to find a measurement that is commonly used by all manufacturers, and thus have been unable to decide on which to buy.

I am mainly trying to decide between the Zalmann CNPS9700, the Scythe Infinity and the Tuniq Tower. I will be buying the Asus nforce680i MOBO, if that helps. Just wanted to know from everyone's experience - which would dissipate heat better??
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  1. the Scythe infinity, Tuniq tower, Thermalright si-128, Thermaltake big typhoon
    will all be within a degree or two of each other. and will do the job great.

    I personally prefer the type which blow down on the motherboard, si-128 or big typhoon.

    I left out the Zalmann, as I don't own one myself, and for every glowing review there seem to be ten that say its mediocre especially when compared to the other high-end heatpipe coolers.

    This is the website in which you seek, the compare them all on a uniform basis.

    On this page: (sound)

    and on this page, thermal conductivity

    both are compared, you can see for yourself.

    For my money, the CNPS-7700-CU cool better (in slow fan mode), and is quieter and CHEAPER than the 9700. win win win, but it's heavier (like I give a crap) and doesnt' cool as well in high mode (again, like I give a crap, I want it quiet) but looks like you're going for speed, so get the 9700 and be happy with the roar.
  3. As far as I've read (on many different boards), the Turiq Tower is supposed to be the best air cooler. It is often difficult to find though and wimcle's list is true, those are all good. On a side note, I own the Zalman 7700cu and it works well.
  4. What about any weight issues? I know that Intel (and AMD for that matter) don't like anything over 450 g. The Scythe infinity weighs 960 and the Zalman weighs about 760 - not sure about the others. Anyone have problems with their coolers' weight??
  5. If you have the money, Monsoon II will blow them all away
  6. I have the Zalman CNPS9500 (I doubt there's much difference between the 9500 and 9700) that I'm using with a Pentium D 805 @ 3.4GHz, it keeps it cool and is very quiet. Don't know about the others you mention, but I love the Zalman.
  7. The Zalman has bad price to performance compared to the Scythe and the Tuniq. I'd recommend the Tuniq anyways.
  8. The 9700 has a larger fan than the 9500, that the only difference I think. Zalmans can be a little expensive, but they are really good. The Turniq is supposed to be the best (followed closely by the Scythe), but the Zalmans are good too. The reason I bought my 7700cu was because it also blows air onto the surrounding board. As for weight issues, I would worry about them unless you plan on moving your PC around a lot (especially if you bring it to LAN parties).
  9. Thanks for all the replies and the info! I have found that the Nforce 680i MOBO might not be compatible with some coolers - anyone got a link, info, etc on which fans WILL work with the 680i? Specifically the EVGA 680i. Thanks again!
  10. monsoon blow the tuniq away ? :0 u got a review?
  11. The Monsoon, like the Titan Amanda, are both TEC coolers using the peltier effect for cooling, so they aren't really too comparable to the others. Besides they are both more than $100, which is a lot for air cooling. Plus, they dissipate more heat into the rest of your system.
  12. u know where i can buy it in europe or uk? i rather give $120 for a amanda or monsoon than a tuniq send from sweden lol
  13. I went to and typed in "Titan Amanda" and got this link:

    On the same site, they also sell the Turniq Tower and they have 10+ in stock:

    They also have a bunch of Scythe coolers too.
  14. yea i know i tried 2 order last night but my bank wont accept em :(
  15. Your bank won't accept them?? Use a credit card.
  16. thats exactly what i did :S but they have alot of security in there and it wont accept em :S so weird
  17. Also, in the same google search, farther down the page you can find:
  18. I would just call the company. Besides, its in England right, isn't everything within driving distance there? :)
  19. they ship 2 EU ? :0
  20. Oh, I thought you were in the UK. I assume if they are in the UK they will ship to most of Europe.
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