eVGA 7600GT heatsink/fan

Hey all, first I wanna say thanks to all that helped me build my E6600 computer a few months back. Couldn't have done it without ya! But now, I need a quiet heatsink for my 7600GT. Something that's less than $40.
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  1. Gigabyte's mobos always fail on me, so Gigabyte doesn't exist to me anymore.
  2. Quote:
    Well then it would pain you to know i'm running a Gigabyte motherboard, Video card, and CPU cooler. Oh and the CPU cooler is about 4 years old.
  3. vf700 from Zalman

    completely silent in low-speed mode, but same cooling as stock fan
    In it's high speed mode, it's still quiter than the stock fan, but offers much better cooling (including the heatsinks on the RAM, which get cooled by the airflow from the fan).
    WHen I say high/low speed, it's not the same as your stock cooler going from 2D to 3D mode (the turbine mode). IT's a manual switch (depending on which connector you use to power it) that you set. Mine always ran in low-speed mode, even when I overclocked it to 600/1580).
    I'd say it's high speed mode is only useful if you plan on using it for an extreme OC in a very hot case with poor cooling.

    Should be easily found for <30$ nowadays, I used it on my 7600GT when I had that card. Recommended.

    p.s. About the failures ... I also had a p3 motherboard from Gigabyte ( I honestly dont remember the name) fail on me due to a bust cap.
    But that doesnt say much about it's current reliability, back then the overall quality of MBs was much lower, for every manufacturer. It's also largely a matter of chance as well. I personally don't have anything against Gigabyte and in fact I've heard nothing but good reviews about their p965 series.
  4. Well thanks for the suggestion. I think I will get that cooler, but am still not sure if it is compatible with my 7600GT. This guy in the reviews said his EVGA 7600GT could use the VF700. Also, is the VF900 better?
  5. I put a vf700-Cu on my 7600GT. I run it on high, and I can still barely hear it.
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