Arctic Silver 3 from 2002

I have some leftover Arctic Silver 3 from 2002, anyone think it's still ok to use?

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  1. I bet you it is a collectors item LOL. :wink:

    Where was it stored during that time. Cold, warm temperatures?
  2. In room temperature....

  3. The reason i ask is because i had my as5 in my car for about a year with out knowing that it was in the car. During that time the temperatures were between 100F and -10F. At the same time i had another as5 that i was using which was kept in my room for about same time and around 68F. One day while cleaning my car i found my as5 and used it on my rig in which the paste was very hard compared with my as5 which was stored in my room. I think extreme weater like cold, hot, humidity played a role in breaking down the components in as5. I know that some of you might disagree. You might say that as5 is made for extreme temperature changes. :)

    If your as3 has not been through tough weather i c no reason not to use it but hey a new as5 is around 10 bucks.
  4. Hey, well, here's my answer... quote from Arctic Silver guys:

    "It should be fine. If there has been any separation continue
    pressing the plunger until fully mixed compound is

    Colin Thompson
    Arctic Silver, Inc.
    Phone: (559) 740-0912
    Fax: (559) 740-0913"

    It's good to know we all use a quality product that lasts a while....

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