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I just got my Maxtor SATA150 PCI controller and my Seagate 7900.9 250Gb SATA. Well I started good, installed the hard drive and the controller card. Now the problems started when I wanted to install a fresh installation of Windows XP in the computer.
First, I thought Windows XP Installation CD would recognize it, but it didnt. Next I went to BIOS and putted SCSI first (there is no "bootable device" or "removable device" available so thats why I tried with SCSI) and nothing.
I went to the Maxtor site and they said that I had to create a boot diskette with the MaxBlast CD. Well I did and now I get this screen (After the MSI welcome screen) saying...
"Maxtor SATA150 PCI Founded"

***after 2 seconds
SG1xxxxxxx (seagate drive) 232Gb UDMA 6


then it keeps going with the POST screen until it asks to boot from the cd or floppy etc.
Well trying to solve my problem I also found that there is a new option in my BIOS called Promise/SCSI Boot which is enabled as Promise/SCSI (I can also put it as SCSI/Promise) Guess, I tried both options and none of them worked.

So Im kinda tired right now after a hard day and I need this computer with Windows XP asap. I really dont know what else to do or try. Could you people help me out? I really need this please. I dont know what else to do!.

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  1. Did you get the correct boot diskette? I know it seems dumb... but that COULD be the problem right there.
  2. Im a dumb ass

    I just solved my problem

    it was the diskette with the drivers... I had the Ultra133 drivers instead of the SATA150 :P

    Thx for pointing that out anyways!
  3. Sure thing, glad I could be of help.
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