A good quiet AM2 CPU heatsink? Need some Suggestions!

Ok, I have looked around and all I see that look promising for an AM2 cpu, and is quiet with good airflow, is the Thermaltake Typhoon, 120mm fan.

Does anyone else know of a good AM2 CPU heatsink/fan?
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  1. Im running a zalman cnps7000b and its really quiet and has pretty good airflow. My temps have only risen 4 c since i took my thermaltake (i think it was a slk900 something like that) heatsink with a vantec tornado off. In my opinion its a really good heatsink/cpu fan for how quiet it is. Was only 30 bucks to.

    Don't like 120mm cpu fans personally, there a pain in the ass.
  2. I had a Gigabyte 3D pro but I wouldn't suggest that one, it worked just as good as my new Zalman but the noise was too much for me.

    The 9500 AM2 is very nice and you can hardly hear it, my recommendation but you need to make sure it will fit around your motherboard and case etc.
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