Computer not waking.

Hello all Im having an issue with Windows 7 32-bit.

The computer will not return from waking. The machine is fully updated and power settings are correct. Mouse and keyboard have been enabled to wake the computer.

The issue is one of several, sometimes the monitor will go to sleep and either completely ignore the request to wake, nothing happens no HDD activity light fans are active but show no change in speed with keyboard input. Or, the monitor will go to wake and looks like its receiving a signal (Monitor light will change from orange to blue) but remains black. Again with no HDD activity. Or if i turn my back for a few minutes (ALWAYS WHEN IM NOT LOOKING!) the screen will be a nice blue hue and will not show/accept any input.

I've disabled hibernation and Hybrid sleep. Switch from S3 to S1 in BIOS. Im hesitant to keep the HDD from powering down since this computer will be used heavily by our sales staff.

Put the computer through a very thorough diag and ll hardware passes. I also initially thought the problem was the system image and used another known good image to restore the machine.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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  1. Are your mouse and keyboard USB devices?
  2. Yes they are, both. Verified that they are both set to wake the computer in device management.
  3. It may be helpful to look through this article if you have not already done so.
  4. Also, check the USB settings, in the above article they say that USB selective suspend setting set to disabled my correct your issue.
  5. Ive tried modifying that setting with no change.

    Is it possible that the HDD would have problems returning from suspend?

    And would it be a terrible idea to......Update the BIOS?
  6. wanamingo said:
    Or, the monitor will go to wake and looks like its receiving a signal (Monitor light will change from orange to blue) but remains black.

    My computer does this occasionally. If I hit ctl-alt-delete it will bring up the security window as usual, then I click "cancel" and then everything appears as normal. I havent been able to determine if it's a video driver issue or a windows issue, although I have updated my vid drivers at least 5 different times and I still occasionally have this happen.

    I know this isn't a fix, but at least it's a work around.
  7. wanamingo said:

    And would it be a terrible idea to......Update the BIOS?

    Check your motherboard manufacturer's web site for bios updates. Hopefully they will list the changes made in each version. If the description for the update fits your bill, then yes, update it.
  8. I think Ive narrowed it down.

    The HDD passed all tests but it seems that the computer cant start the Hard drive. The default time for shutting down the drive was 20 min, Ive since moved that up and have had no problems with it........Yet

    How bad of an idea is it to stop the computer from powering down the drive? Especially if its on most of the work week.

    I know there are certain work arounds but its for a member of our sales staff and I would like it to be as user friendly as possible.

    Thanks for all the tips BTW.
  9. I always go into the windows power settings and tell it not to spin down my drives as I hate the delay when it has to wake up. My computers are also on 24/7. My one computer has been on for 3 years other than power outages and hardware upgrades. My other computer has been on for almost 10 years, LoL! None of my drives have failed.

    I'm not sure about laptop drives as they probably tend to run a little hotter being in a confined space and all.
  10. UPDATE:

    I had to contact Dell over this one and it turns out that some Optiplex 580's video cards are misidentified and the improper driver is on the dell site.

    This is from the rep that helped me.

    "I've got some information that indicates that there had been some problems reported with getting the correct driver downloaded and installed for this video option since it wasn't listed as the HD 4200 option in the download list."

    Correct version is 8.663 (I was using 8.861) you can get the driver here

    For an Optiplex 580 radeon HD 4200 Running Win7 32-bit
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