Can my PSU handle this upgrade?

Hi. This is my current PSU

Thermaltake HPC-420-302 DF

AC Input: 100-240v 8A
Frequency: 50-60hz
Max Load: 420w

DC Output
-----220W-------- 216W---------1.5W------9.6W------10W

I currently have a Radeon x800xl, but I really want to buy a s754 pci-e mobo and get the Sapphire Radeon x1950 Pro

This would be the upgraded system specs

Athlon 64 3000+ Newcastle
DFI nF4x Infinity

Sapphire Pci-e Radeon x1950
2 Stick of 512 Ram
1 Dvd writer, 1 cd writer
1 sata hd, 1 Ide hard disk
3 80mm fans
Sound blaster card.

Please tell me if my PSU can handle this. I put my future specs into the extreme psu calculate here:

and I got 299W, which is well below my 420w psu. Following the PSU 101 guide, I then chose only the cpu, vid card, hard disk, and optical drive (all on the 12v rail). I got 218w, divided by 12 to get 18.167 amps. This is almost exactly my psu output. Will I be fine with this upgrade? Thanks for the help.
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunatly, I would rather not upgrade if I have to buy a new PSU. Since my friend desperately needs a video card, I'm looking into other possible cards I could upgrade to. I took a look at the 7900 GS and 7600gt. I used that site again to calculate the 12v amp, and I get 16.42 for the 7900, and 15.67 for the 7600gt.

    Would getting the 7900gs be risky, or are both fine?
  2. If your PSU can handle the X800XL which uses 49.4w, then it should be able to handle a 7900GT which uses 48.4w.

    X800XL power consumption:

    7900GT power consumption:

    Both 7900GS and the 7600GT will use less power than the 7900GT because they are slower cards within the same overall family.
  3. and while I agree that a better psu is a good idea, remember that those calculations are based on all of the components running at max at the same time, this can happen during gaming of couse but it won't be the case for any other time.
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