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Please forgive me I am sure there are loads of posts out there but it is 2 am and I have spent a long day trying to find the info I need. I need 'create a network for dummies' advice. I have a wireless G (4switch) router connecting a desktop and a laptop wirelessly (at last) but I cant seem to create a network between the two! I need to file share and printer share. I am now at a complete loss and feel I need to go right back to basics i.e switch you computer on...haha. Thanks folks for you patience.
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  1. I imagine you are just creating a workgroup. What OS are you running? If XP then just run the network setup wizard and that will solve your issues. Just make sure you turn on File and Printer sharing or it will not work. Test your network with all firewalls down to start so you dont run into any problems. Run this on both computers and you should be fine.
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