Whats the best gaming headsets available today?

Any body knows whats the best gaming headsets available? Im planning of buying surround sound headsets by next week, but dont know wish to peak...I really dont care about the prices just name the top headsets available.
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  1. as far as surround headphones, the only pair that come to mind are the Medusa 5.1 Surround Headphones, looking around on google, the average price was ~$120+ for them... ...so theyre nowhere near as expensive as the top Grados or Sennheisers (and im not sure if grado or sennheiser make surround headphones anyhow, lol)
  2. Open Sennheiser cans are incredible in games like Battlefield that take advantage of EAX. I was really close to getting the Medusas but decided on sennheiser 555s with my X-fi. Closed cans really don't do EAX any justice.
  3. yeah, in that case, if stereo listening is an option, even considering something like sennheiser HD600s or HD650s may be something worth looking into... but, the price goes accordingly as well... easily a few hundred dollars anyhow per pair... but, theyre audiophile grade nonetheless

    looking on google, the cheapest i saw the HD600s for was $250, and the cheapest HD650s i saw were $320, though you can probably find them cheaper
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