Serious temperature problem with geforce 7600gt

Hi,i recently built my first gaming rig it contains an amd 64 3500,200gb maxtor hd,corsair xms pro 1gb,dfi lanparty ut nf4, and here is where the problem comes in with my geforce 7600gt evga,i received it in the mail and promptly put nextech thermal paste in their due to the fact of nvidia cheapo thermal paste,at idle i get 51-54 degrees celsius and sometimes when playing aoe 3 i can get temps of 86 degrees celsius,i tried it with the side of the case off and on i do have some a s 5 coming and i really dont want to spend cash on a new cooler,i know this thermal paste is good stuff,the nextech kind i mean bcause i used it on my proc and i get idle temps of 28 degrees and 40 when at load!:)anyways guys how to stop this card from overheating?suggestions?tried big ghetto fan on their and i still get temps of around 49
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  1. Have you tried to re-seat the heatsink ? Does the fan spin normally ?
  2. I love it when people just automatically assume the OEM doesn't know how to design a proper cooling solution.

    You should have just left it alone. I know that doesn't help, but think about it. Would an OEM really sell a card that'll just fry in a few months? Have faith padawan... the OEM of your card knows what it's doing.

    (P.S.- here's your problem: that "great" thermal paste you're using, it's designed for large surface/contact areas. that's why you only use it for CPU's. your 7600GT has a small contact/surface area and thus requires a different kind of thermal paste, like this stuff:
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