Can't search!!!

I cannot connect to any search pages... If I try to connect to excite, google, or hotbot I get an error saying "Cannot connect to page..." If I try to search from, I get an error saying "Cannot connect to"

I suspect that something has hijacked my dns entries and is redirecting or blocking my search requests. This just started happening a few days ago.

I am not using a firewall and have searched (with no effect) using Ad-Aware. Oh, sometimes a page called "" pops up... I suspect this is the problem, but since i can't search for a fix, I am stuck. It happens with both Mozilla and IE.

Please help!

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  1. Download Ad-Aware and SpyBot, then make sure you have an updated antivirus. Should take care of it.


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  2. My sister-in-law had this problem.

    She downloaded a chat program and the Installer installed a search bar that blocked all other searches. Part of their end user agreement.

    Finally tracked down their website and downloaded their uninstaller.(hidden 4 pages deep on a small link). Ad-aware and spybot would not remove it.

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  3. Do a search in your windows folder for the hosts and lmhosts files. Open them up and see if and all the others have been redirected to a single IP address. There is a worm going around that has been doing this.

    You can remove all the entries, and then you can also go into TCP/IP settings and turn off the hosts lookup.
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