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Hi i just recently got an E6600 but i have been reading up on the coding on the chip. Mine says L630A now this would be week 30 (eg: 24/7 ) but what is the A? I have seen chips with L630B. what is the difference? should i be worried? Im not really planing to o/c it into h.. , but i will try to reach 3ghz. Should i get a new one? Is there even any realworld difference? what about stabillity? And Heat? i think i read somewhere that the A version uses more power, is this correct?
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  1. Being a noob, I'd like to add to the question... what is the stepping value displayed by CPUZ? Mine is showing as a 6?
  2. what is the number at the bottom of your chip? mine says L630A and then some numbers i cant figure out. The L6 im unsure about, so far all the Core2duo chips i have seen have the number.L6, then followed by the week number (min is week 30 eg. l630a). The stepping as far as i can figure must be the A orB, but im very unsure. Read my first post.
  3. It is too much of a hassle to pull off my heatsink to check the chip. But apparently my retail box has the details... FPO/BATCH# is listed at L632A163... I have no idea what the A means (or the rest of it), but apparently I'm week 32.
  4. I will wait for JumpingJack or someone more knowledgeable to answer your question thoroughly but I can answer it by saying the difference is very small in regards to heat output, if any is notable. Overclocking is occasionally different when steppings change, but I haven't heard anything about Core 2's changing much so don't worry about it. Definitely not worth exchanging for a new one.
  5. Yea I wouldnt worry to much, there are a few different versions of my chip and most people say that the version I have only gets up to around 2.4 - 2.5ghz and I have had mine to 2.62 stable I just dont like to use voltage above 1.4v, so I lowered it to 2.55ghz and used a pretty low voltage for the OC on this chip and kept my temps lower so I could still use the side panel on my case. I think you will be ok to reach 3ghz!


  6. Mines an L625, so week 25.

    I don't know your answer, but my chip maxes out at 3400 mhz. I have read alot of other articles, and started forums on getting it up to 3600 mhz. The responses I have been given are that most people can't run it stable over 3500mhz at any voltage levels.

    Realistically I think you can expect to get 3400 mhz out of it. Even didn't push theirs past 3500mhz.

    If you really want to get 4 ghz I have seen x6800s reach it more easily. Although this will probably blow your budget.

    The good news is my 3400mhz runs a super pi 1m in just 17 seconds, so that is very good.
  7. L = Made in Malay
    6 = 2006
    25 = week
    A = Batch
    168 = chip 'code' (non-important)

    Generally the B batch in each week has been better than A. So far the best I've seen has been 29B, but the 30s are starting to show up so that might change.

    The stepping to my understanding are minor arquitechtural differences that make the CPUs just a tad better. And the revision is practically the same, being Bs much more overclockable than As on C2D.
  8. ok that makes sense. thank you for clearing that up :)
  9. NP :D
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