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I was browsing newegg today and came across the XFX 7600GT Fatal1ty which as far as I know is the fastest factory overclocked 7600 to date at 650/1600. The newegg price is $180...why would anyone get this when they can get 7900 cards at around 150 now? The card is also fanless which makes it an interesting option for someone looking to build a silent gaming pc.

Does anyone have benchmarks that compare a 7600GT at that speed?
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  1. not off hand, however even @ those clocks I'm sure the 7600 would lose by a fair bit to a 7900 or X1900 stock. Half of what your paying for is the name.
  2. and newegg also has the bfg 7600gt for $80 after rebate.... why would you take the fatality over this?!?
  3. I would never buy one either at that price or at all. The intention of my original post was to point out a unique/absurd/poorly positioned product.

    After looking around a bit, I think that it is the fastest 7600GT you can buy. For the absolute fastest 7600gt you can buy a xfx 7600gt at 590/1600 for about $130 and overclock it using the pencil trick.
  4. That is pretty absurd. But, if you have a weak PSU that 7600 might be a good option (to be fair).
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