What if we had a 'Live Forum'?

think about it;

Many member sign in to come to a THG convention where tech companies, YouTube personnel, and many respected Internet tech personnel form respected sister and cousin sites...come together and host a private computer tech forum. Also, have guys like Asus, AMD, Intel, Antec...etc...come and speak and answer question to may members.


1) Must be a THG member.
2) Must register by printing out as contract and mailing it to an outsourced party,( like a moderator or another trusted/responsible member like Jane!:D)
3) must be hosted in a well known area,( not in B.F Egypt.)
4) must have contributed to THG by wither points, threads and or guides to be considered.
5) Lots of cash to buy things...like food...or computer parts.

It is an idea, but none the less, allow Joe and others to see it.

Tell me what you think with the above voting system.
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  1. I've voted in favour but the time zone differences are always a problem with such an international gathering as Tom's.

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