Need to decide on HSF

I am going to get a C2D 6300 and a ASUS P5B Deluxe or P5B-E Plus.
I will also get Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 memory for my system.
My budget allows me to choose from:
Stock HSF (lol)
Scythe MINE COOLER Rev.B (same price as Ninja)
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (has a very attractive price)
Cooler Master HyperTX INTEL
I will be getting Arctic Silver5 or OCZ Ultra5+
I would like to achieve a OC of 3ghz+.
What is the best HSF and Thermal Paste I can get from those?
I dont mind if the fans are noisy.
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  1. I run a thermaltake big typhoon w/ artic silver 5 and it cools very well. At stock clocks it idles around 16-17 C and 20ish at load. It is 50 bucks but i'd recommend it or it's little bro the mini typhoon which u can find for about 10 bucks cheaper.
  2. Thank you for your reply. The Typhoon is a bit over my budget.
    Maybe someone other could give me some advise too.
    Any Help is welcomed.
  3. I had been looking for something quiet. The Thermaltake CL-P0257 Blue orb II was what I found that seemed reasonable.

    Khan48... 20 degrees at load. 8O

    Sure that the sensor isn't skewed? 'Cause if it's working, that'd be a damn good cooler to get. Damn thing is huge, and heavy.
  4. Wow... I just recognised the 20 deg at load.... My room temp normaly in Winter is set to 23 deg. So this cooler would allow sub room temp which is great. This would be on par with a liquid cooling system if im not mistaken.
  5. AC Freezer 7 Pro is probably gonna do the job and fits into your budget. It's really a fine cooler.
    You wont oc your proc any more with the BigTyphoon.

    I have both these coolers.
  6. Thank you for the info on the Freezer 7.
    Any further input is still welcomed.
  7. yeah, out of those my vote is for the freezer 7.
  8. I love my Arctic. If you go that way, stick with the pre-applied thermal.
  9. Quote:
    Wow... I just recognised the 20 deg at load.... My room temp normaly in Winter is set to 23 deg. So this cooler would allow sub room temp which is great. This would be on par with a liquid cooling system if im not mistaken.
    Can't get less than ambient temps using only a fan. Sorry...
  10. check out the tuniq tower 120 air cooler. its pretty amazing for 50 bucks.
  11. Thanks for all the replies.
    The Tuniq is a bit over my budget.
    I think I will go with the Arctic as the price and performance seems to be good.
    I know that you cant get less than anbient. My post was about the other poster getting under 20degC and 20ish on load.
  12. The Ninja is definetly the best out of the ones listed, but as mentioned you have the BT as a second choice (which I would like better).
    OCZ Ultra5+ is just rebranded AS5, pick the cheapest if youre deadset on AS5.
    The AF7 comes with TX-1 pre-applied, if you use AS5 on it it might even underperform...
  13. Thank you on the info on the AS5 and OCZ.
    The OZC costs about half the price as the AS5. Also good to know about the thermal paste on the Freeezer 7 pro. If I go Freezer 7 pro and dont need any other thermal paste I could buy a 3500+ RPM 92mm Fan and mod the freezer and I still would pay less than for the Scythes I mentioned above.
    Hmmm, this decision is more difficult to make than I thought it would be at the beginning...
  14. What I would advice you to do is to shove off $50 from the RAM and mobo (its easy without reducing performance and overclockability) and get a E6400 and a BT or Ninja.
  15. I get the Corsair at a very good price and I can not shove any money off there. I get them from a friend who bought those DDR2 sticks instead of DDR for his 939 Socket AMD. He can not return them to the shop because it was his fault buying them.
  16. Care for a DS3 or P5N-E SLI?
  17. Thank you for the suggestion. Sure I will look into those. I am open to any suggestions.
    The P5N-E SLI is a 650I board right? This board is not announced in Japan yet. The closest thing would be the P5N32-E SLI which at US$248 would be over my budget (I search for something under the US$200 mark).
    About the DS3 I think you mean the Gigabyte. I thought about that one but read about many problems with the memory. Are these problems still around or have they been fixed? If they have how can I tell by looking at the package with which Bios (I think it must be a Bios Fix if any) the board comes when buying? The problem I ask is because the shops over here will not take back or exchange a board just because of Bios problems (they will if the board is a DOA but nothing else). I once had this problem and they charged f****** US$50 just for a BIOS upgrade at the shop.....
  18. The TwinX C4 may not boot properly on any 965 board without a BIOS upgrade. TwinX C5 should as it's 1.9 volts, but won't OC as well. Sometimes using just one stick to get a POST and then raising the BIOS vram settings to match the ram works. Later BIOS upgrades accept SPD voltage specs above 1.8v. Just don't get an Intel brand motherboard. The S3/DS3 boards are excellent.
    Waiting for the lower priced 650i/(670i?) boards might not be a bad idea either. I have no knowledge of them yet though.
  19. Quote:
    ...I once had this problem and they charged f****** US$50 just for a BIOS upgrade at the shop...
    You can do a BIOS upgrade yourself for free.
  20. Thank you for your Help.
    I know that I can upgrade my Bios for free myself (I build many systems before its just that I have a 5-6 year blank.... ). The problem is how to update it when the Board does not post and you dont have a other stick which works. Its good if you have friends with parts you could borrow and then use those and do the bios update. The problem is that I do not have any DDR2 sticks arround and none of my friends has. The reason for choosing P5B-E Plus or P5B Deluxe is because the Corsair I am getting is in the QVL from Asus. This way if the sticks should not work with the Bios out of the box I can can get a refund or get the settings done at the store where I buy without paying anything. Because of the QVL I can say it is not my fault if the board does not post. Otherwise if there is no QVL around the shop will do nothing for me for free (I know its not good customer service but thats how they work here)....
    The shopstaff over here does most of the time do not even know what they sell so asking them would bring nothing (some dont even know what PATA or SATA or SCSI means..).
  21. The problems have gone away since a long time ago, a whole board revision took care of it. Go up to and reach for the board, read the last hundred (by date of course) reviews of so and you wont find those kind of problems.
    Since youre in Japan (sry didnt catch that earlier), shop around for a P5B-E Plus it only retails in Asia and Aussie. Its the same PCB and all the same ICs as the P5B Deluxe, but only has only PCIe X16 slot. Amazing board for around the price as a GA DS3.
  22. Thank you for your reply.
    The P5B-E Plus goes for about US$26 less than the Deluxe Version. This could save me some money for a Ninja HSF and other things. And since I wont do SLI it seems to be good choice for me too.
  23. You should really try to strech it to a E6400, the E6300 might reach higher FSBs but when it comes to final clock speeds the E6400 is the best bang for buck you can have.
    If you utterly cant go for it then I would advice to buy the E6400 and keep it on stock cooling for a while, when you get other $40 you can buy an aftermarket one. Reason for this being that the E6400 on stock will yield a final speed equal to a E6300 on a aftermarket HSF, and then you have the upgradeabilty :wink:
  24. thank you for the reply.
    I think I will go with the 6400 and then may get an aftermarket cooler if neccesary. So at the moment I am looking at a P5B-E Plus with C2D 6400 and 2 gigs of DDR2 800 CL4 RAM.
  25. Sounds like the way to go. You should be able to reach ~400Mhz while keeping somewhat confortable temps.
  26. Thanks again for all your help. I think I will go with that.
  27. Funny how you started asking for a HSF and left on stock with a faster CPU. Youre welcome :D
  28. Yeah kind of funny is it.... :oops: But option No1 was Stock HSF..... :lol:
    Well anyway thanks for all the help. Btw I could upgrade my budget a little because of a surprise bonus I got for years end 8O . Well I was really surprised when I checked my Bankaccount as you could imagine and I can now also get the Ninja or even something better... :mrgreen:
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