MS patch for intel core duo processors ?

hi all,

i heard about a patch from microsoft, for core duo processors (to allow better power management under windows xp) but i can not find a direct link to download it :(

the best link i have is :
but i have no idea where is the download link on this webpage...looks like we need to phone microsoft to get the patch ? or, anyone could throw a link to download it please ? i'd really appreciate it.
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  1. um....halfway down the page.

    download page
  2. woot, thank you very much man !
    gonna download it now and see if that improves things a bit..cause im hitting 12k on 3k mark06 with my config, and i stutter + low fps (when some ennemies on screen) while playing oblivion with a 8800gtx leadtek + 6600 at 3.2 and 2 giga corsair 4 4 4 12 running at psu is tagan 900 watts and p5b deluxe for motherboard with bios 804. no temp issue.
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