My computer was fried by ATI

Hello, I currently installed new ATI Radeon drivers for my xfx 4890 graphics card. I decided to check out the new features and I found this tool called Overdrive by ATI. Inside of the ATI Cataclyst center you can access this program and it has an option called Autotune. Autotune basically finds out the most overclockage your graphics card can have, apparently. I ran this program and some weird colors came up on my screen immediately. I assumed it was just benchmarking my card because I kept hearing the fan increase and decrease so I figured I would just let the program do its thing. Well, after about 20 minutes I was sitting next to my computer looking up something on the internet on another computer, and all of the sudden. . . BBBZZUUUUH. My computer just crashed. After about 4 hours of completely testing every part of my computer I have come to the conclusion that the program completely fried my Power supply unit and my motherboard. The graphics card and everything else works perfect on my friends desktop computer. What can I do about this? Is there anyway to get a refund on these things or what? I mean I used a program directly from ATI and did not change ANY settings on my graphics card. All I did was simply click the auto tune button that was posted in the overdrive center of cataclyst. There wasnt any warnings of any such thing. If anyone could help with this issue, I would VERY much appreciate it. Thanks.
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  1. Alright Thanks a lot.
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