How good is my PC?

I was Just Wondering how my PC stacks up to the rest of yours. It was my first build, i got everything at the best prices [in Australia]. Im no idiot, i know some things could be better, but please, i need a proper secound opinion.

Core i7 920
HD 5850 BLK edition
Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI
6gb Ripjaws 1600mhz
1.5t WD Green
Aero Cool Syclone mid tower
850 watt Antec Quattro
Dell sp2309 23"

I know some things seem out of place, 1. 850 watts; thats because i'm going to get a HD 5950 eventually.
2. Black edition, thats only because it was the same price.

I picked all this up [- monitor] for about $1700-1900 aud.
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  1. Oh yeah i just turned 15, and i made and bought all this myself. :bounce:
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    My advice - explore it here in the forum, you will learn a lot of things. For me if I buy things like HD 5850 or HD 5950 I don't just have a 1.5Tb hard disk I will go for a raid set, minimum of 2 hard disk. For the processor I consider a good cooling system (Mine Xigmatek Thors or Corsair H50). Memory 8Gb (G.Skill tri channel I based it on memory support for my mobo - On Windows Vista it eats about 3Gb of ram - I choose these coz I do lots of editing. My casing is a CM sniper - I choose this for good cooling. Your PSU is too much but its cool. Your monitor is a little small for that video card. My monitor is an Acer 24" (S243HL) and I have two HD 4770 crossfire.
  3. Thanks, i'm thinking of getting a thermaltake bigwater as it takes up only 2 5.25 inch bays, because my case has 3! fan slots.
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