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Hey guys (n girls im sure),
this PWM lark, my Freezer Pro 7 and P5W-DHD are starting to piss me off.
I thought PWM meant the bios monitors and controls the fan speed based on the cpu's temp? I either get high or low, thats it, nothing in between.

The Asus bios PWM profiles are a joke
Silent : 950rpm (55c idle coretemp)
Optimal : 950rpm (55c idle coretemp) and rpm doesnt rise if i stress the cpu.
Performance 2500rpm (a lovely cool idle 40c)

At 2500rpm it is quite loud and would like to run it a little quieter when its idling but definately not at 55c. Id like to find a temp/speed middleground, around 1500rpm but there doesnt appear to be a way. There may not be anything wrong with 55c but when my cpu only hits 47c under max load at 2500rpm i dont want it to run hotter at idle.

Anyone? Can i use an external fan controller with the HSF or are they only for chassis fans?
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  1. No one? Its a little frustrating not being able to keep the processor at a speed and temp i choose.

    flicking through the BIOS i came across the "AI Quiet" option. I enabled it since the description said it was for regulating fan speeds based on temperatures. My HSF is still going at 2600rpm (or 960rpm) but coretemp is reporting 4c cooler at idle and 2-3c at load? Wtf?
  2. Possibly try updating the bios, maybe that will help? or try the asus forums?

    Sorry, but I dont have much experience with those settings and those types of asus boards, maybe someone else can help?
  3. I personally have all my fans (7 including the 4 on my radiator) running off two fan controllers. The Nexus fan controller I have has 3 channels (these control all my intakes (4 fans on rad at the front and the side 120mm), I also have an enermax multicard reader which has two channels (controls my exhaust fans) and two heat sensors which I have attached to the nb and cpu water block.
  4. Thats all good for chassis fans but can I use a fan controller with the HSF?
  5. C'mon, someone must be able to give me a simple yes/no answer to whether you can hook a HSF up to a fan controller?
  6. Ok guys, im begging for an answer or even a suggestion.
    I switched the Qfan PWM thing down to optimal (960rpm), forgot about it for 15 minutes and found it running at 71c!!!
  7. Sorry but this is an easy one... Intel specs the CPU fan speed to be at its lowest when temps are 30C or less. After that it begins to ramp up, and is designed to hit max speed at 38C. That's of course if everything is functioning as designed.

    If you're idling at 40C+ then it's no wonder your fan never slows down.

    Time for you to start figuring out how to get cool air into your box and the hot air out.

  8. But what temperature is the PWM fan control going by? The same measurement provided by Asus Probe and the Bios (24c idle) or Coretemps 38c idle? From what ive read ~38c coretemp idle isnt all that uncommon.

    I would have thought it would have been amazingly beneficial to allow the user to set their own temp scale for the fan.

    Thanks for the information though. At least I know now. A new case and better airflow is on my agenda already.
  9. The *BIOS* controlled PWM goes by ... drumroll ... the bios CPU temps.
    Most MBs only give you a high and a low temp threshold, so don't expect a lot of steps in between. Besides, why would you need to?
    Set your fan to 50% or so when the temps are low (typically idle or IEST), and 80-100% for load cooling, depending on how much noise you can tolerate and how high of a temp you can accept.
    That's it.

    I find that hearing your CPU fan ramp up/down constantly as load changes is beyond annoying.
  10. Quote:
    Set your fan to 50% or so when the temps are low (typically idle or IEST), and 80-100% for load cooling, depending on how much noise you can tolerate and how high of a temp you can accept.
    That's it.

    Where do I set this? Ive no real PWM options in my bios and speedfan wont control the hsf no matter how I set the bios up (qfan on/off, pwm on/off etc etc). As ive already said, using the pwm profiles in the bios or asus probe I only have two options, 960rpm or 2600rpm :/

    Ofcourse it was logical that the PWM runs off the bios reported temp but hell you never know. So, since I do have a cool idle temp according to the P5WDH, whats wrong? :(
  11. And I thought I was getting somewhere with this :(

    Someone must have an answer.
  12. Just wanted to let you know I err'd with my 30C/38C message - I mis-read the spec and those are case temps, not core temps.

    I re-read a few things and assuming you're not plugging the CPU into the wrong header (perhaps aux-rear?), you should not be having issues.
  13. Ok thanks Bberson. Ive checked and the cpu fan is connected correctly.

    Speedfan is reporting a System Temp of 37c and an AUX temp of 30c (where is the AUX reading taken from?). ATI Tray Tools reports an "enviroment" temp of 39c. I monitored these temperatures for 15 minutes and they did not fluctuate.

    Hmpf. All I want is an average fan speed.
    New HSF? (I fancy the Tuniq 120)
  14. Going through the PC Probe II manual I noticed this :

    Ive tried two versions of PC Probe II and I also upgraded my bios from 1602 to 1707 and the only change is that Speedfan is now reporting an AUX temp of 54c. I hate this motherboard.
  15. I think we can lay this thread to rest.
    With the new bios I turned off all the PWM and Qfan options off in the bios and now Speedfan allows me to set my own fan speed. Woohoo, it doesnt scale with load but thats something I can live with. Now I have moderate fan speeds, average temps and happy ears \o/

    /edit - one last thing - my AUX temp is now 118c?? Should I be worried?
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