ATI Rage 128 or ati rage IIC AGP problems

ATI Rage 128 or ATI rage IIC AGP Windows XP

I have a problem with my graphics card it says install a driver for it but when i search up the video card drivers online and download them they always have some sort of problem like not windows 98/nt or cannot find hardware in ur computer etc.. If anyone knows where to download and install one of these drivers (because i have both video cards and can put one or the other into the computer) please help me. I have a windows XP computer thanks.
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  1. windows XP should have those drivers already.
    Did you do a clean format & install?
  2. You do get the win xp versions dont you? And also dont get the latest ATI drivers (like catalyst version 6.12 or whatever its up to now), since they're not compatible with that card. You need to make sure that the drivers you're downloading are compatible.
  3. Im not sure but i had it installed before until i took out my video card and switched it because i had a problem (long story but now fixed) but when i put my card back in it popped up the window that says install the software automaticaly or from a specific location so im guessing i should find the driver online and download it. For example, it says requirement windows 98/me etc.. every driver i find and try to download doesnt work. Thanks
  4. Grab the 6.13.3279 drivers here for the rage 128. It's the better card of the two.
  5. Quote:
    the rage 128. It's the better card of the two.

    Second that.

  6. i have had nasty issues with older drivers messing up the newer ones, and just making the whole setup not work. I installed a free program called driver cleaner and it erased all traces of the old drivers
    everywhere in the machine. After that, it was rather easy to install the newest driver, and it worked.

    If you have the choice, stick with the rage 128 card. The rage IIc is way to old, and has useless 3d.
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