8RDA3+ Dead, help needed.

I was using my computer, and it suddenly cycled power and did not post.
The only symptoms it displays:

When turned on the motherboard immediately displays 'FF'
The keyboard numlock LED strobes continuously

I don't have another nForce 2 board to try a bios flash with, the epoxstore.com website is down so I can't buy a new bios, and the support folks at epox basically gave me the finger and said buy a new one.

I am well aware it is getting up there in age, but I'm saving up for a quadcore when they arrive and want this computer to work untill then. Any advice/help is appreciated.
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  1. Oh good. I have an EPoX 8erda6+ pro (basically the same, with more onboard features) and I have had this problem TWICE. Yes twice. Guess when the last time was? Yesterday. Great.

    You have a dead bios chip. I had the same thing happen to me. The first time this happened, I convinced Epox to send me a new chip free of charge. I'm currently in the process of fighting for a second one.

    There are other sites that can send you this bios chip, but the epox store is like the same price anyway. If I were you, I would fight to the death for a new bios chip from EPoX. Did you try calling their phone support?

    Best of Luck
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